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First-class Dental Implantations in London

  • The lowest prices in Europe
  • Dental Clinic located in London
  • High Quality Swiss implants
  • Payment plans available


The Most Affordable dental implant treatments in London

You don’t have to travel abroad to get the lowest price anymore! Visit our clinic in London! We have the same affordable treatments as the dental implant clinics in Turkey and Hungary!

Dental Implant Costs

“How does Dentaprime in London offer high-quality dental implant treatments at a price 70% cheaper than other dental clinics?

  • All dentures and restorations are made in an in-house laboratory
  • We specialise in full-jaw restorations with implants
  • Working in high volumes for costs reduction
  • Efficient high-tech equipment, 3D printers and zirconia teeth milling machines

Full Mouth Restoration will change your life!

Listen to the stories of hundreds of real patients while they talk about their Dentaprime experience. People from all over the United Kingdom who were completely or partially toothless found an affordable dental solution with Dentaprime. Fixing your teeth in the UK is no longer a dream!

Get your beautiful smile back in 3 easy steps!

1. Consultation

Talk to our dental experts on the phone to find out if our services are the right solution for your specific case and book your initial consultation.

2. Planning and Treatment

After a CT/3D scan you will be presented with your individual treatment plan. If you agree with the plan, we arrange your appointments and treatment can begin.

3. Brand New Smile

At the end of your treatment you will have a strong bite, your confidence back, a beautiful smile, and a whole new life to enjoy.

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