First-class dental implant treatment in London

  • Get your confidence back within one day - implants + immediate function
  • Keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a glass - no wobbly dentures
  • 70% savings on your dental treatment - compared to private dentists
  • Treatment in London - no need to travel abroad anymore

Lower prices than in Hungary

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Fixed Teeth in a Day

£ 6,990
  • Full upper and lower jaws treatment within a single day
  • 10 implants + immediate bridges
  • PMMA bridge renewal

Dental Implants Package

£ 4,416
  • 6 to 10 implants with abutments
  • Navigated implantation
  • 100% Swiss Quality by TRI® Dental Implants

How is this all possible?

Perhaps you ask yourself: "How can Dentaprime offer top quality dental treatment in London at lower prices than in Hungary?“ No, a magic stick is not the answer. It’s much simpler:

  1. By highly specialized and efficient workflow in the field of tooth replacement;
  2. By taking advantage of the newest digital technologies (own high-tech dental lab);
  3. By achieving economies of scale (Bulk discounts for top quality German and Swiss materials);
  4. By a high degree of mutual trust between us and our over 10 000 implant patients.

Dentaprime’s technology is precise, safe and minimally invasive, which makes the treatment much more convenient and comfortable for you.

Lowest prices for teeth implants Dentaprime

Fixed teeth in a day

Eat, laugh,

live your life

  • Implants and fixed denture within 24 HR
  • Natural-like teeth, making you look younger
  • Retaining your natural face shape and smile
  • Built to last – a lifetime solution with implants
  • Keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a glass
  • Eat your favourite foods again

Your perfect new smile is just a call away!

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