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Sensitive Teeth

How To Treat Sensitive Teeth

Did you know that one in three adults in the UK suffer from sensitive teeth? Surveys carried out by Dental Phobia reveal that up to 53% of the UK population is scared of visiting their dentist. Read more

Bad Breath

3 Foods That Quickly Cure Bad Breath

Understanding the state of your mouth and digestive tract is at the core of knowing how to battle bad breath. Here are some quick-tips on how to eradicate halitosis in a hurry! Read more

Essential Vitamins for Tooth Health

A well-balanced diet will help you achieve optimal vitamin and mineral intake. They are responsible for helping the smooth running of bodily processes, and dental and oral health. Excellent oral care should also be combined with vitamin supplements that will ensure gum and teeth health. If you have been struggling with tooth loss, and wear dentures or implants, you need to pay extra attention to your supplements levels to make sure your body doesn’t suffer from any vitamin deficiencies.

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Are You Anxious About Visiting the Dentist?

If yes, you’re not alone. In recent decades, fear of the dentist (also known as “dentophobia”) has become something of a full-blown epidemic. Around 25% of Britons have a fear of the dentist, while 12% suffer from extreme anxiety. In some people, the fear is so strong that they avoid visiting the dentist completely. This stores up even greater problems for the future, since patients who fail to undergo check-ups or minor treatment procedures have a higher probability of suffering major problems (and thus needing larger, more extensive interventions) later on. All of this means that visits to the dentist are an absolute necessity.

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Hollywood Smiles – À la carte

Beautiful teeth have become a status symbol: anyone who is in the limelight or the public eye is expected to display a radiant smile. But what happens when we’re not blessed naturally with flawless teeth?

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Teeth Examination

5 Years With An Artificial Tooth: The Long-Term Durability of Implants

Much has been discussed in recent months about the service life of implants. There is an ostensible lack of scientific studies examining their success rates and durability – and when studies do touch on these issues, it is difficult to make accurate observations on and differentiations between different implant systems. Things become even trickier when you consider that many studies are sponsored by the manufacturers themselves.

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Considering Bone Structure Before An Implant

Many implant patients are faced with needing extensive bone augmentation prior to their implant procedures. The need for bone augmentation also prolongs the time before the implant can be inserted, since it takes time for new bone to adhere to the jaw. As director of the Dentaprime Clinic, Dr. Regina Schindjalova has several years’ experience in the implantology and bone augmentation field.

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