Modern Biotechnology For Better Healing

Even the smallest wound to the human body triggers a wide range of processes to enable it to heal. Proteins are released to enable and accelerate the regeneration of tissue. Platelets cover the damaged area to ensure that the wound is sealed – if the wound stays open, foreign bodies can find their way inside and, in the worst case scenario, can lead to inflammation. Naturally, this is something we want to avoid. This applies in the case of both an everyday injury and a wound resulting from a medical incision.

These processes can only be triggered by the body’s own proteins. This means that the use of foreign proteins would not yield any benefit.

But what would happen if we could encourage the more rapid formation of endogenous beneficial substances within the body? This is exactly the purpose of the plasma preparation Endoret®. Even with just a small amount of blood, the concentration of substances contained therein can be increased several times over. Growth factors involved in the regeneration of tissue and other processes are available in higher concentrations, which helps to promote quicker wound healing.

Furthermore, the plasma preparation promotes the formation of new blood and the development of a fibrin membrane that allows the gradual, controlled release of large numbers of molecules. These molecules could include the above-mentioned growth factors and the body’s own proteins.

At the Dentaprime Clinic, we apply the Endoret® plasma to produce membrane coverings for implanted bone substitute material and ensure optimal healing.

And our use of Endoret® technology isn’t limited to the production of membranes: we dip implants into a specially prepared plasma to provide a light coating for the slightly rough titanium surface and promote the safe and rapid formation of a bond between the implant and the human body.

An obvious advantage of Endoret® technology is that the substances it produces are exclusively autogenous. This means that the patient does not need to worry about episodes of rejection or issues with compatibility. Endogenous substances are put into use and are recognised by the body as its own.

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