Dentaprime F3T London - X-ray

Digital x-rays in your chair.
An “on chair” x-ray machine is located in every treatment room. Your dentist at Dentaprime F3T London can produce an x-ray image directly in the chair with minimal radiation. The image appears digitally on the screen. So there is no longer any need to develop film as before. WIth your digital patient card, you will receive your x-ray images on DVD.

Dentaprime F3T London - CT

Digital volume tomography
In contrast to conventional x-ray images, volume tomography facilitates further diagnoses, particularly within implantology. Using the 3-dimensional depiction of the condition of your teeth and jaw, we can determine the perfect positioning for the implant even before the procedure.

3D printing
At Dentaprime F3T London, we work with the latest 3D printing technology. This gives you these benefits:

  • perfectly fitting tooth replacements, precisely aligned to the jaw
  • time saving 3D printing for tooth manufacture
  • efficiency

At Dentaprime F3T London, we pass on the benefits of the 3D printer directly to our patients. There are no additional costs involved in its use. Manufacturing times for the replacement tooth are shorter, without having to reduce quality or the level of precision that guarantees perfect positioning of the replacement.

TRI Dental Implants
Dentaprime F3T works with the implant systems of the fast-growing global provider for digital implant solutions –  TRI® Dental Implants. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, TRI® Dental Implants provides high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use implant solutions for the benefit of patients worldwide.

At Dentaprime F3T London we use the Endoret® plasma preparation to place membranes over implanted bone replacement material. This achieves optimum healing. But we don’t just use the Endoret® technology as a membrane here. We also dip implants in pre-prepared plasma, thus coating the lightly roughened titanium surface. This helps us achieve the ideal bond between the implant and the patient: securely and quickly.

priti mirror facial scanner
This device scans the structure of the face, the skin on the face and the patient’s facial expressions, and uses the data to produce three-dimensional photo-realistic images. Using this data, a trained expert can adapt the replacement tooth virtually to the individual conditions of the patient in terms of colour and shape, and produce a picture which shows how the teeth and face will look after treatment. This makes it easier for the patient to picture the results and to understand what their dentist tries to achieve.

Helbo laser therapy
Fight the bacteria that cause inflammation with gentle laser light and so guarantee the success of a periodontal, peri-implant or root canal treatment.

An innovative highlight of Dentaprime F3T London allows your Dentaprime dentist to identify hidden decay safely, quickly and simply: The Diagno-Dent Pen. The DiagnoDent Pen tool uses the different fluorescence in healthy and damaged tooth structure. This means your dentist at Dentaprime F3T London can track down the finest of lesions. It is more reliable than any other method and the healthy tooth material remains unaffected with no probing, scratching or damage.

Digital jaw registration
Special equipment is used to measure the relationship between the two jaws and analyse the joint.

The jaw registration system from the company Zebris used at Dentaprime F3T London sends the data recorded to a computer program. This captures the exact positioning of the jaw and this can then be transferred to an articulator.