Guarantee & Aftercare


5-year guarantee

For the final replacement teeth (except temporaries), we offer a five-year guarantee from the day of the procedure.

However, it is very rare that any claims are made under guarantee after a treatment. However, if any issues do arise at home, our partner dentists can help and will agree any necessary aftercare with us. In many cases, work under guarantee can even be carried out by our partner dentist in your region and so you don’t even have to travel. It is really important that you call us if in the event of a claim or a complication, before you have any treatment carried out.

Aftercare at home

For aftercare, we can recommend a DENTAPRIME partner dentist near where you live. After consultation with our clinic, they will carry out any examination necessary.

After you return home, the DENTAPRIME partner dentist is available to provide aftercare you can trust, including any future treatment. The DENTAPRIME partner dentists are carefully selected medical professionals, who fully support the DENTAPRIME clinic concept, and will delighted to give you the best of treatment. Of course, you can also turn to your regular dentist. Dentaprime F3T Implant Centre currently works with around 20 dentists in the UK. We would be happy to identify your nearest partner dentist and arrange an appointment for you.

You can always schedule an appointment at our Implant Centre in London, Stratford of course. 

Please note: The partner dentist will invoice the patient directly in accordance with local invoicing legislation. Therefore the services provided by our partner dentists are not free-of-charge and not included in the treatment provided by Dentaprime F3T Implant Centre.