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Bone Graft

Bone grafting is a standard dental procedure which is a part of the dental implantation treatment. It aims to correct the natural bone deficiency by adding density and volume. This is done to provide a solid foundation for dental implantation.

Untreated gum disease, dental trauma, tooth extraction or loss are among the most common causes of bone loss.

In order to restore it, a small cut is made in the area where the implant is supposed to be set, then a bone substitute material is inserted. It is a perfectly biocompatible mixture of calcium powder and saline.

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How does it work?

After extraction or tooth loss, there is no longer any pressure in the area of the missing teeth. Natural teeth apply pressure on the bone while chewing, thus the jaw bone remains solid. When this pressure is missing, gradual bone loss begins. It is caused by the body’s natural resorption process that causes bone deterioration.

To last for a lifetime, dental implants rely on osseointegration. This is the bonding process between the implant and the bone. If there is no bone or it is too soft, placing an implant becomes impossible as there is a significant risk of implant failure.

In smaller areas (eg. around one or two teeth), grafting and implantation can be done simultaneously. In larger areas, the bone is firstly built up and the implant is inserted after a healing period of 5 to 9 months.

The method used for vertical build-up of the side tooth area of the upper jaw is the sinus lift. This can be done immediately after tooth removal and once the bone has healed in a few months, implants can be placed. Nowadays, both bone grafting and sinus lift are completely safe procedures and improve further with modern technology.

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How long does a bone graft last?

After the healing period has been completed, the bone should be solid enough to have an implant inserted. Once the implant has fused with the bone, it should last for life.

Is bone graft painful?

Not in the least! This is a standard procedure that we perform on a daily basis. Typically patients are under local anaesthesia, so the process is pain-free.

Do I need to have a bone graft and tooth extraction in the same visit?

It is recommended to undergo bone grafting immediately or soon after tooth extraction. The reason: Once a tooth is removed the bone resorption process starts. The more bone you lose, the less likely you are to be able to get a successful implant treatment without bone augmentation.

How long does it take?

The procedure usually takes around 45 minutes, including an extraction.

Do I need a bone graft in the upper jaw?

This procedure is called a sinus lift. It raises the sinus floor to increase the bone’s height. It is done above the premolar and molar teeth to ensure a strong foundation for dental implants.

How do I deal with the recovery after a bone graft?

The bone graft dental recovery doesn’t involve any side effects. It goes with minimal disruption as at Dentaprime UK we provide you with a goody bag of medications and pain killers, plus a written list of post-operative instructions that will guarantee a swift recovery.

How much does bone graft cost in the UK?

The price depends on the amount of grafting that needs to be done and can be determined only after an X-ray and computer tomography which are done during the initial examination.

Attention: Placing implants or performing bone grafts without a preliminary computer tomography is highly dangerous. Trust only reputed, well-equipped dental clinics.

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