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Sinus Lift

In order to know what is a sinus lift, firstly we need to understand when is a sinus lift procedure needed.

When we lose our teeth and we don’t have them replaced, we start to lose jaw bone density.

There is about 25% bone loss in the first year after losing a tooth, and this process only gets worse with time.

Bone loss cannot be reversed but can be managed by dental implants with a bridge over them – the All-on-4 dental implants.

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How does it work?

Sometimes dental implants can be done in one day, on other occasions, tooth bone loss is so advanced that dental bone or sinus grafting is needed in order to create a solid foundation for the dental implants.

Bone loss may be a result of various ailments such as periodontal (gum) disease, physical trauma or infection. A sinus lift surgery may be needed in cases when the upper jawbone has started to recede and lose density. In such cases, the sinus lift procedure in dentistry is required to ensure the long-term endurance of the dental implants and the fixed teeth over them.

Preparation for sinus grafting

It all begins with the initial examination at our dental implant clinic in East London, Stratford. A series of X-ray and computed tomography checks are needed in order to assess the current condition of the jaw bone. That way it can be established whether the dental implants can be done in a day or a sinus lift dental implant procedure would be needed beforehand.

The sinus lift surgery

This is a routine procedure during which a small incision is made in the gum and substitute bone material is inserted into the upper jaw around the sinus area. By inserting the bone material and increasing the density, the sinus cavity is lifted. If the sinus lift procedure is not done in cases of poor bone density, this is the most common reason why dental implants can fail.

Sinus lift recovery time

If the bone is not strong enough, bone augmentation must be carried out prior to the implantation. The sinus and bone graft recovery time require 6-9 months to make sure the dental implantation doesn’t fail. During that time, we provide our patients with a temporary denture, and we need to allow the healing period to pass so that dental implants replace the removable dentures.

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How long does a sinus lift procedure last?

After the healing period has been completed, the bone should be solid enough to have an implant inserted. Once the implant has fused with the bone, it should last for life.

What is the graft material for sinus lift?

A powder-like material is used as a bone substitute material. In time, it will harden and provide a solid foundation for the dental implants.

What are the most common sinus lift surgery complications?

Sinus lift cheek swelling, swelling around the mouth, jaws and eyes are not uncommon. The extent of swelling varies and depends on the extent of the surgery and each individual patient. Still, there are no sinus lift long term side effects.

How long is the recovery after a sinus lift procedure?

In the first 10 days after the surgery, you may be swollen and bruised. It should decrease from the 3rd day onwards. Pro tip: In the next 7 days after surgery, sleep on your back. Do not lean on the side as you’d increase the swelling. Both after the sinus lift and implant treatment, you will receive a list of instructions for a swift and smooth recovery.

What is the appropriate treatment in case of a sinus lift infection?

If the sinus lift surgery is done in a hyper-hygienic environment discomfort should be minimal. Proper aftercare and antibiotics will minimise the risk of sinus lift infection symptoms.

How much is the price of a sinus lift?

The sinus lift cost in the UK may reach up to £3,000. Dental sinus lift procedures at Dentaprime UK start at £690 per side. Get a free phone consultation to get information about the full dental implant cost at our Dentaprime clinic in East London.

How painful is a sinus lift procedure?

The most common patient concern – is there any sinus lift pain before and after the procedure. The sinus lift experience itself is not painful as we do it under local anaesthesia, so only minor discomfort is experienced.

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