Are You Anxious About Visiting the Dentist?


If yes, you’re not alone. In recent decades, fear of the dentist (also known as “dentophobia”) has become something of a full-blown epidemic. Around 25% of Britons have a fear of the dentist, while 12% suffer from extreme anxiety. In some people, the fear is so strong that they avoid visiting the dentist completely. This stores up even greater problems for the future, since patients who fail to undergo check-ups or minor treatment procedures have a higher probability of suffering major problems (and thus needing larger, more extensive interventions) later on. All of this means that visits to the dentist are an absolute necessity.

There are now a range of different methods for alleviating patients’ anxiety on a short or long-term basis:

  • Distraction therapy: This technique uses audiovisual stimuli (music or films) or therapeutic methods (hypnosis or imaginary journeys) to divert the patient’s attention away from the treatment. “However, this only has a temporary effect on patients’s anxiety,” explains Dr. Regina Schindjalova, digital planning expert at the Dentaprime F3T Clinic. “As soon as the patient becomes conscious of where they are, their anxiety returns.”
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Behavioural therapists work on the assumption that anxiety is a learned behaviour. Working over multiple sessions, they confront the patient repeatedly with situations they might encounter in the dentist’s chair, helping them to learn that there is actually nothing to be scared of. The disadvantage of this process is that it can take several weeks.
  • General anaesthesia: Many anxious patients lean towards the option of full anaesthesia. However, this is not without its risks. What’s more, it is highly taxing on the body and is frequently associated with post-operative after-effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Whenever any kind of anaesthesia is used, it is important that the doctor performing the procedure works alongside a qualified specialist.

Do you suffer from a fear of the dentist? Write us a comment with your questions and personal experiences, and we’ll be delighted to get back to you!



  • Margi Caple
    Posted at 1:10 PM 09/07/2017
    Margi Caple
    Reply Author

    I have always been nervous of visiting the dentist from bad childhood experiences. Whenever I need treatment the dentist uses inhalation sedation which means I can walk out of the surgery safely and drive shortly afterwards.

  • Tike
    Posted at 7:06 AM 08/04/2018
    Reply Author

    What a joy to find soneome else who thinks this way.

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 10:25 AM 17/07/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Definitely, you are not the only one Tike. Over 60% of our patients have been nervous about visiting dentists for many years before coming to us. Our friendly and carrying team with the help of modern technology can always find a way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in our clinic.

  • Caroline Saunders
    Posted at 1:39 AM 01/07/2018
    Caroline Saunders
    Reply Author

    I am terrified of dentists since I had blood clots on my lungs, and I am on anticoagulant. My teeth are really discussing and my gums are receding, but my fear has stopped me from getting my teeth sorted out. I would so love a nice smile. Would I still be able to be considered for one of your procedures even thro I’m on warfarin?
    Also is there payment plans to assist with the financial cost?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 10:01 AM 17/07/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Caroline,
      We have successfully treated people on warfarin, but it depends on your medical condition and permission from your doctor to stop taking the warfarin for a couple of dates before the treatment. The best option in your case is to call us on 0800 781 9637 in a convenient for you time and discuss with our friendly advisory team, how can we proceed with an initial examination and treatment.
      In terms of payment plans, we offer an 8-year dental care membership plan with low monthly fee, which covers the cost of your treatment and the aftercare for your implants and/or tooth replacements throughout the whole period.

  • Leanne Horning
    Posted at 12:45 PM 14/09/2018
    Leanne Horning
    Reply Author

    Hello Dentaprime Team,
    I am a South African working in the UK for the next 4 years as a Live-In-Carer.
    My teeth are in terrible condition, as I am terrified of the dentist. I would love a smile to be proud of.
    Due to the nature of my work I would have to plan consultations and treatment carefully, so will make contact early next year when I know where I will be working and can travel to London.
    Are you guys for real? You sound like the answer to my prayers, I will start saving asap.

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 1:17 PM 17/09/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Leanne,
      Yes, we are real and we would love to help you whenever are ready to proceed with a treatment. Just give us a call on our free number 0800 781 9637