Dental lab

Digital Impressions

Der TRIOS-Intraoralscanner (3shape) wird mit einem Computer verbunden, der die Bilder zu einem digitalen Abdruck zusammenfügt

The TRIOS intraoral scanner (3shape) is connected to a computer that assembles the images to form a digital impression

Many patients find it unpleasant having impressions taken, not least because of the sticky mass that’s poured into the metal impression trays and hardens slowly to create an exact image of the remaining teeth. The resulting model is used in a dental laboratory to tailor the dental prosthesis to the patient’s natural dental characteristics.

At the Dentaprime F3T Clinic, this method of taking impressions is a thing of the past. We use an intraoral scanner to take impressions digitally. enabling the physical model to be created from the data we collect.

The advantage of the digitalisation process is that it allows us to achieve a high degree of accuracy and reduces the amount of time the patient must spend in the dentist’s chair. Since the fit of the resulting restorations is better than with previous types of solutions, the time and effort required for subsequent adjustments (and the number of adjustments needed) are reduced. This guarantees a smooth patient experience.

In the Dentaprime F3T Clinic, we work with only the most cutting-edge methods for diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Dentaprime F3T – made to make you smile!


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