Do you think dental implants are too expensive for you?


Think again with Dentaprime F3T. We hear it time and time again, patients telling us that they wished they’d heard about us sooner. This sentence is not only uttered once the new smile is revealed, but also when we explain our prices during the initial consultation.

It’s a common theory within the UK that the cost of dental implants is just too prohibitive for most people to benefit from this amazing treatment. However, here at Dentaprime F3T in Stratford, London we love to continually debunk this myth. We strive to provide you with permanent solutions to missing teeth without breaking the bank, thanks to our effective business model that allows us to keep our costs down; a saving that we will always pass on to you.


Low-cost dental implants – How do we do it?

For many things in life, low cost means low quality, but not at Dentaprime. We are committed to providing superior treatment delivered by our highly experienced dental practitioners who use top quality implants and materials and also have access to a vast array of high tech equipment to allow them to carry out their job highly efficiently. So, if we’re not cutting corners, how do we do it?

We only offer dental implant related treatments and by having a focus on just one area we can reduce our overheads significantly. By streamlining our offering, our practitioners become more and more adept at carrying out our concentrated treatment offering, meaning they can work quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have an in-house laboratory to create all of our constructions, which is cheaper than outsourcing to an off-site lab, and our buying power allows us to purchase top quality dental implant products in bulk at reduced rates. Simple, isn’t it!

There’s no gimmicks, no corner cutting, and no reduction in quality anywhere you look within the Dentaprime F3T facility – in fact, we think you’ll be amazed by our beautiful clinic (we’re very proud of it).

A closer look at the numbers

Our savings are passed on to our patients through our excellent pricing, so let’s take a look at those all-important figures…

  • Fixed Teeth in a Day –  £6,490 for both jaws
  • Package of ten single dental implants – £4,416
  • Smile makeover from ceramic – £2,590

As you can see, there is no need to delay your dental implants due to cost, thanks to our affordable solutions right here in the UK. If you’d like to find out more about our services, our prices and payment option, or if you have any questions, give our friendly implant advisory team a call on 0800 781 9637.


  • Khalid Rashall
    Posted at 11:22 AM 11/06/2019
    Khalid Rashall
    Reply Author

    What are your payment options for fixed teeth in a day .

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 4:15 PM 14/06/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Khalid,
      We offer payment on stages, in the case of Fixed Teeth in a Day – before the treatment and on the day of the treatment, or with an instalment plan. We offer a 3-year instalment payment plan with 0% interest rate in the first year and 3% interest for the 2nd and 3rd year. The monthly payment varies according to the total price of your ideal treatment.
      Below you will find an example for a full mouth restoration on both jaws with Fixed Teeth in a Day package:
      Instalment duration : 3 years
      Treatment price: £6,490.00
      Advance payment ( 20%) : £1,298.00
      Remaining amount: £5,192.00
      Instalment fee per month for the 1st year: £144.22 ( 0 % fee interest )
      Instalment fee per month for the 2nd year: £148.77 ( 3% fee interest )
      Instalment fee per month for the 3rd year: £148.77 ( 3% fee interest )

      Total amount paid: £6,490.00 + £207.68

      You can always pay a higher amount as an advance payment in order to reduce the monthly instalment fee.
      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 781 9637