Eating habits for healthy teeth

Eating habits for healthy teeth - Dentaprime F3T London

Proper nutrition is essential to your oral health.

Due to the nature of the majority of the dentistry we provide, at the Dentaprime F3T Dental Implant Centre in Stratford, London we see a lot of patients with missing teeth. There are various reasons why a person may lose a tooth (or teeth) perhaps through trauma for example, but the most common reason is through gum disease, which is caused by a lack of oral health knowledge and understanding. Our gums are crucial to the health of our teeth, if they become inflamed or infected due to plaque build up this can then affect the supporting bone and cause the teeth they support can suffer and eventually fall out.

People are often surprised at just how intrinsically linked mouth health and overall body health are, in fact there is plenty of research around that highlights the systemic links between oral health problems and things like cardiovascular disease. Our blog Dental problems and our overall health discusses this in much more detail, but following on from this theory we thought it would be good to talk about eating habits for healthy teeth.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at some dietary food tips to help you maintain great oral health and a fabulous smile to boot…

Thirst quenchers: Why is water essential to your dental health

We don’t need to tell you that sugar is the worst enemy for your oral health, so don’t just avoid sugary snacks, steer clear of sweetened drinks, too. If you take sugar in your tea or coffee try cutting this down in small increments, this way you’ll hardly notice the change until all of a sudden your warm beverages are sugar free! The best drink for our teeth is water, which we all know is one of the best health tips anyone can follow. Staying hydrated is great for both body and mind, but it means you can quench your thirst in the purest way possible, something your teeth (and dentist) will thank you for.

Say “cheese”: Eating cheese can help your teeth

Chewing on a piece of cheese after a meal is an excellent habit to have as it helps to increase the pH in the mouth therefore reducing the risk of acid attack. Added to that, it is also increases the amount of saliva in the mouth, which helps to remineralise the teeth after they have been subjected to the acids that are created when we eat. And as another plus point, cheese is also high in calcium, which is great for the teeth!

Keep it balanced: A balanced diet for healthy teeth

A healthy diet is a balanced diet, which should contain lots of vitamins and minerals that enable our bodies to function at their best. Choosing to eat lots of vegetables (especially your greens!) is a great way of incorporating extra calcium into your diet, along with a multitude of other important nutrients, too.

Good oral health is an absolute must for dental implant patients. At the Dentaprime F3T Dental Implant Centre, we always check that this is in place before we continue with treatment, because it is as vital for maintaining strong and healthy dental implants, as it is for natural teeth! You can always contact us on Freephone: 0800 781 9637!



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