Enjoy your favourite foods again!


Apart from the obvious negative effect on your smile, decayed and loose teeth can severely affect your everyday life. Firstly, decayed teeth can lead to cavities, which can lead to infection, which can cause teeth to become loose or completely fall out. Sometimes the pain that comes with the infection is worse than the tooth loss itself. However, missing or decayed teeth can create a struggle with everyday activities like eating favourite foods, not to mention the effect it can have on your self-confidence.


Whether it’s a prime piece of steak, a crisp apple, or even just a chewy sweet offered by the grandchildren, having to turn down your favourite foods can feel miserable. It’s bad enough having to cut out some of the tasty things in life to help with our waistlines, without adding the problem of an inability to actually chew a delicious morsel. This can cause frustration and annoyance, and also lead to self-confidence issues and anxiety that can cause people who suffer from loose or missing teeth to decline social engagements that involve eating in public. For those with dental decay, loose or missing teeth, this can often be the reality faced on a daily basis.


What is the solution?

For many people struggling with loose or missing teeth, a removable denture is the answer. However, this can sometimes be just as problematic as the original issue, because they can slip, move, make noises when you eat or speak, and even cause soreness. More often than not, dentures don’t look very natural, and they still don’t solve the problem of eating and enjoying your favourite foods. Because dentures are not a fixed solution, biting or chewing can cause movement, making this a challenging and unpleasant experience.


The good news is that at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic, we are able to offer our Fixed Teeth in a Day treatment as a superb alternative to removable dentures to give patients the look and feel of natural teeth. This treatment provides permanent bridges fixed to dental implants and only requires 24hr to complete. And because we are Dentaprime F3T, we can offer this incredible and very popular treatment at a particularly attractive price.


Imagine being able to celebrate your new smile by heading straight out to your favourite steak restaurant without having to give the menu a second thought, or happily accepting the offer of a meal with friends and family without having to first contemplate whether you’ll be able to eat or not… 


What’s stopping you?

Get in touch with us via 02038689195. We have a super friendly implant advisory team ready to answer all your questions over the phone and book a no-obligation consultation for you, too. Alternatively, you can leave  us a message here and we will get in touch


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