How smiles affect our everyday life


Did you know that besides fitness routines and supplements, your smile is one of the most important things which can help to boost your health?

Smiles don’t just show the world our happiness, but actually contribute to our longevity, mood, and even success. In addition, it is the very first thing 47% of people notice when they first meet someone.

Here are just some of the benefits you can have by showing off your pearly whites!

Lower heart rate 

Research has shown that smiling relaxes the body, slows the heart, allowing it to work without exhausting itself, and temporarily reduces blood pressure. All of this combined can make you less prone to developing heart disease. Plus, a relaxed body allows the immune system to react faster and more effectively against germy invaders.


Mood booster 

When we smile, we produce endorphins that kick stress to the curb. Stress alone can cause a myriad of health issues, so this is another added benefit of smiling. That aside, endorphins also act as natural painkillers and lift your mood. And, we all know that we can work wonders when we are in a good mood, making us more productive to boot.


Extended lifespan

Considering that smiles help reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and improve the mood, it has been found that people who smile more often can actually increase their life expectancy!


Younger looks

Forget the facelift, just smile! A study conducted by NIVEA Q10plus showed that if one is asked to guess a smiling person’s age, he/she will respond with a number that is between 2-4 years younger than the person’s actual age. That alone is enough to put a smile on your face!


Achieving a beautiful smile

As you can see, our smiles are important for a wealth of reasons, all of which have a positive impact on our everyday lives. If you have had the misfortune of losing a tooth due to gum disease, dental decay, or trauma, it can have a devastating effect on your life, causing you to choose to hide your smile, or not smile at all. With all of the benefits listed above taken into consideration, that is a position that none of us at the Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic want to see anyone faced with.


Luckily, modern dentistry has come a long way, offering advanced and high-effective solutions for restoring and maintaining smiles. Having dental implants is one of these superb options that allows us at Dentaprime F3T to replicate the exact look, function, and feel of natural teeth, without affecting the remaining teeth. The final result is extremely natural-looking, with restored facial contours and a more youthful appearance. Indeed, a selfie-ready smile that will make you look and feel a million dollars!


If you would like to find out whether dental implants could be the right solution for you, get in touch via phone 02038689195. Our implant advisory team will be able to answer your questions over the phone and book a no-obligation consultation for you, too. Alternatively, you can leave us a comment below.





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