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Looking for love? Don’t let your smile hold you back!


Finding love in our teens or twenties is pretty much part and parcel of growing up. It all starts in school, seeing that popular girl or boy across the canteen, feeling shy, either giggling about it with friends or acting macho and cool until we finally pluck up the courage to speak to the other person. As we grow older and become a little more used to flirting, things may feel easier or more natural, even if those butterflies never quite disappear.


But what if we want to find love later on in life? There are many reasons why older people may be looking for a partner to enjoy their golden years with, but the fundamental desire to find that special person who offers companionship and love never really leaves us, does it? 

The problem is that the days of chatting someone up in a bar are a distant memory! Furthermore, many of us have ‘forgotten’ how to go about searching for a new partner. Most of us often meet new people through mutual friends or interests, such as groups or classes we join to keep ourselves busy, happy, and constantly learning. But what happens if we’re too shy to even join such activities due to self-esteem issues as we age?

Often the problem lies with an imperfect smile and missing teeth, which can prevent sufferers from laughing or smiling, and simply not feeling confident enough to meet new people. The good news is that dental technology has advanced so much nowadays that everyone is able to restore its shining smile with the help of dental implants.

At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic, we welcome patients every day, who are so worried about the appearance and functionality of their teeth that it holds them back from living their life to the full. This is why we absolutely love being able to restore smiles back to their former glory – or better – 

Grow of smiling elderly peopleusing state-of-the-art technology and an exceptionally skilled team of dentist and laborants. Imagine the renewed confidence you’ll feel just knowing that you have a strong, beautiful, and healthy-looking smile that will allow you to eat, speak and laugh without worry or concern!


If you feel like your smile is holding you back from looking for love, just talk to one of our dental advisors about the ways in which we could help. Call us on Freephone 02038689195 or leave us a comment below.


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