Lost your dentures again?


How frustrating is it when you’ve mislaid an important item such as your reading glasses, car keys, or the remote control for the television?

We’ve all been there, turning the house upside down trying to find that vital, missing object, getting more and more annoyed by the minute! Losing things is part and parcel of life. Sometimes it’s forgetfulness, other times it’s the fact that someone else may have moved it, and often we’re so busy that we’re thinking about a myriad of other things and just can’t remember where we left that vital item.¬†However, sometimes losing things can be more of a problem, like leaving your mobile phone in the office over the weekend, or when your child leaves their favourite teddy on holiday (why is it always the one they simply cannot sleep without?). In these circumstances, it can be far more problematic than misplaced car keys making you run a little late.

False Teeth

Imagine then, losing your dentures. Without these the owner is left unable to speak, smile, laugh, eat, and drink properly,¬†which can cause serious problems during everyday life. We can sometimes forget how vital our teeth really are until they are taken away. If you’ve ever lost or broken a set of dentures, you’ll understand this problem more than most.

At  Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London, we often hear stories of patients leaving their dentures on holiday, the dog finding them and chewing them, or simply dropping them and causing damage. These instances not only wreak havoc on everyday life, they can also cost quite a lot to replace, both in terms of time at dental appointments, and money.


A permanent solution with dental implants

While it can be easy to think ‘I’ll just be a bit more careful in the future’, accidents can and do happen, and sometimes these mishaps are just out of our control. So what is the answer?

Eat what ever you want without fears with dental implants solution

Many patients come to us at Dentaprime F3T because they are tired of constantly having to ensure their dentures are safe and clean. Never mind the problems that come with trying to keep them in place while wearing them. We’re pleased to offer a permanent solution to missing teeth in the form of dental implants and overdentures. So, those who suffer from missing teeth can opt for a solution that ticks all the boxes and is as close to natural dentition as possible, removing all of the stress and worry that comes with wearing and caring for dentures!

If you’re tired of losing or breaking your dentures, or if you are worried that dentures just aren’t the right solution for you. We at Dentaprime F3T would love to help you and offer a fixed solution. If you’d like to find out more about our stunning, permanent dental implant solutions, or if you have any questions about dental implant treatment, please give our friendly implant advisory team a call via our Freephone number on 0800 781 9637. you


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