New year, new smile, new you!


We’re all gearing up for the festive period here at the Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London! We’ve been finishing off some beautiful treatment plans so that our patients can enjoy Christmas and the new year with a smile set to dazzle everyone they meet. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to give people something that can be often taken for granted by many of us, but the ability to smile with confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

At the Dentaprime F3T, our focus is on restoring smiles through dental implant treatment. In this way, we are able to give our patients so much more than just great aesthetics. By providing a permanent solution to missing teeth, we can improve quality of life by giving back the ability to eat and speak properly, and boost confidence by removing and feelings of embarrassment around an undesirable smile.

Seeing patients filled with joy at the sight of their restored smiles is a great feeling for the whole Dentaprime F3T team, and it gives us an extra little lift during this festive time of year, too!

Make dental implants your new year’s resolution

For anyone who hasn’t come to see us yet, we’d absolutely love to meet you in the new year to discuss the ways in which we could bring your smile back to life. If you’re about to face yet another Christmas missing out on your favourite treats thanks to lost teeth, or if you’re worrying about upcoming parties due to dissatisfaction with the way your smile makes you look, make it your new year’s resolution to speak to us in 2019.  

We have a wealth of solutions at our fingertips to help solve your smile problems, so whether you have one or multiple missing teeth we should have the permanent answer that you’re searching for. Added to that, our prices will certainly please you. We work hard to keep our costs low through various methods, such as buying our top quality dental implants materials in bulk and streamlining our offering by focusing only on providing this type of dental treatment. These savings are passed on to our customers, ensuring that at Dentaprime F3T you are guaranteed some of the lowest prices for dental implant treatment in the UK.


If you would like to discover more about how Dentaprime F3T could help you call us on 02038689195 after 7th January and a member of our friendly implant advisory team will be able to book an initial consultation for you. Alternatively, you can leave us a comment here and we will get back to you by email.


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