TIVA at Dentaprime – A Great Option for Patients with Dental Anxiety


Do you get jittery thinking about visiting to the dentist and avoid going even when you really need a procedure? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, 9%-20% of people in the US suffer from dental anxiety and avoid visiting the dentist as a result. In fact, this phenomenon is not just limited to the US, but occurs commonly all over the world.

While you’ve probably heard several suggestions for calming your nerves, including deep breathing and soothing music, we understand that for some patients, nothing helps. This is why we offer a scientific method, TIVA (Total IV Anesthesia), for alleviating your anxiety. TIVA is basically a general anaesthetic without a breathing tube – you breathe on your own, not through a ventilator.

TIVA is a practical option that is currently enjoying increasing popularity. There are several reasons for this.

The main benefits of TIVA are:

  • It does not require intubation. This means that no tubes are inserted in the patient’s body to help them breathe.
  • In full anaesthesia, the patient loses consciousness. With TIVA, however, the patient retains partial consciousness.
  • Although the patient is half asleep, they can still perform basic actions. For example, if the dentist asks them to open their mouth, they are able to do so.
  • The treatment session can last for many hours, which means that dentists can reduce the number of appointments needed by carrying out several steps in one session.

We use experienced anaesthetists to induce and monitor the TIVA process. Since our clinic opened in 2006, we have successfully treated hundreds of anxious patients with TIVA. Each week, large numbers of dental patients choose to forego the treatment they need because of their dental anxiety and are then forced to opt for costly restoration procedures. At Dentaprime, we tell our patients about the benefits of TIVA and how it could help them get treated in a timely and affordable manner. We depend on TIVA to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. Thanks to the procedure, we have successfully treated many sufferers of dental anxiety.

When we use TIVA at Dentaprime, we keep patients in the loop with everything that’s happening before and during the session. When patients understand each and every step and know what to expect, this helps to alleviate their anxiety.

Our staff attend carefully to our patients’ individual needs and anxiety issues, helping them feel comfortable during their treatment. If you’re one of those who are scared of visiting the dentist, we highly recommend you give TIVA a try!

FAQs about TIVA

Can I travel alone after being treated under TIVA?

Yes. When you get treated at Dentaprime, you’ll stay in our wake-up room until you are ready to walk safely. Once you’re awake, one of our staff members can accompany you to your hotel room.

How much does it cost?

TIVA will be used for a specific treatment, and the total cost will depend on the treatment you are going to get. On average, the TIVA process costs €450 per session. To know the exact cost for a particular procedure, please contact our staff, who will be happy to give you a personalised quote.

Will I get a local anaesthetic by injection?

Yes, you will also be given an additional local anaesthetic to help relieve pain and sensitivity. Its effects will wear off quickly after the treatment.  Once the process is complete, the dentist will prescribe some painkillers.

Do I need certification from my doctor?

Yes, you would need a certificate that you are fit to undergo anaesthesia. This depend on a number of factors. Once your preliminary checkup is complete, our dentist will issue you the required certificate.

Does it come with the risk that I won’t wake up again?

No. Unlike with intubated general anaesthesia – which we do not offer precisely for this reason – TIVA presents no such risk. This means that you can undergo the procedure without fear.

Due to its many advantages, TIVA has become the number one choice for many patients with dental anxiety. To learn more about our process, please contact our staff, who will be happy to advise you further.

Summer Hirst

Summer Hirst


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