Dental implants

A more youthful, new you!


We believe that there’s nothing wrong with growing old gracefully and in style! Simple things like a wardrobe revamp or a new hairstyle can not only work wonders at making you look years younger by bringing your look more up to the minute. But it can also make you feel better and boost your confidence, too.

If this is not working for you and you still feel as exploring some more aesthetic options, we would advise you to consider your smile first. Scientists in the USA have confirmed that 47 % of the people notice the smile first when meeting someone.  So when you checked your smile last?

Do you know that the ageing effect can often be created by chipped, broken, or discoloured teeth? But if you suffer from quite a lot of missing teeth, this can affect the facial structure. Our teeth naturally hold the shape of the face, so without them the lower part of the face can sag and look very drawn, a problem that many people find makes them appear older than they are.

What  if  there was a way to return your smile to its former glory,  which in turn would help to give you a more youthful, healthy appearance?

There is! Dental implants – the aesthetic smile solution! Of course, removable dentures can help to disguise the smile issue and replace the missing teeth, but they can also move and slip in the mouth. Because dentures are not a permanent solution, they often don’t provide the best solution for many people.

That is why we are never recommending them and aim to deliver outstanding results through dental implant treatments here in Stratford, London. At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic we are offering an array of affordable dental implant treatments, all of which provide beautiful results and a permanent solution to missing teeth (and that ageing, sagging look, too)!

Dental implant treatment is very safe, especially under the care of our exceptionally skilled dental professionals, and we always use the best products available, meaning that your new smile is built to last you a lifetime. We also work hard to ensure that our prices remain low, so you might be surprised at how affordable it is to restore your smile and boost your confidence again.


At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic, we love seeing the difference that our treatments make to our patients. Not only do they end up with a more functional set of teeth, but the difference on their appearance can also be simply sensational.

If you’d like to find out more about our service, our prices, or if you have any questions about how dental implants could benefit you, give our friendly advisory team a call via our Freephone number – 0800 781 9637.


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