Dental implants

Are dental implants right for me?


False Teeth or Dental Implants?If you are suffering from missing teeth, then the idea of a permanent solution to the problem has probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion. Some people opt for removable dentures as a solution in the first instance. But even if they fit at the outset, over time these can start to slip and move in the mouth, which can become concerning or embarrassing during social situations. There are many questions that potential patients have regarding dental implants, but the most common one is: ‘Are dental implants right for me?

Clinically speaking…

From a clinical perspective, we at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London will be able to answer this question only after carrying out a full dental assessment. Dental implant treatment involves a surgery, so there are many factors that we need to consider before going ahead with a treatment, such as current oral health status, the health of the jaw bone and any other medical conditions that may affect treatment success and healing.

Our no-obligation consultations are a great way to ask lots of questions about dental implants, which allows you to go away armed with useful information that helps you to make a really informed decision about whether you’d like to go ahead with dental implant treatment. We never put any pressure on patients to decide!

On our side, we make sure that all potential patients leave the clinic aware of how exactly their treatment will go and how to maintain their dental implants and constructions after treatment. In order to ensure they can enjoy their new smile for many years to come. While caring for your dental implants is relatively easy, it is still important.

Dental implants offer a new lease of life

From a social perspective, we at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic strongly believe that most people would benefit from a permanent solution to missing teeth, and dental implants are the best way in which to achieve this. Just imagine never having to take your teeth out to clean them, never putting them in a glass overnight, never worrying about whether you can eat certain foods, and never feeling embarrassed about the way your teeth look. With dental implants, many of our patients say they enjoy a new lease of life, simply because they can smile, laugh, talk, and eat with complete confidence again. For many people, this is something that previously felt unachievable, and the only solution is dental implants.

Teeth in a Day Zirconium bridges

Full Jaw Zirconium Bridges Fixed Over Implants

If you are suffering from missing teeth, why not find out whether dental implants could be the solution for you?

At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London, we love meeting new patients and providing them with the information they need to make a decision about whether dental implants are the right choice for them. Just give our friendly advisory team a call today on 0800 781 9637.



  • Mr G Crawford
    Posted at 7:19 AM 15/09/2018
    Mr G Crawford
    Reply Author

    I have AF (Artirial Fibulation) & take a blood thinner (Apixaban). Can I still have implants ?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 3:27 PM 17/09/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Mr Crawford,
      Yes, you can still have an implant treatment, but you will need a special medical agreement from your doctor that you can stop the medication for a few days before the surgery takes place.
      If you are interested in full mouth implant restoration the best option will be to call us to discuss what we can offer you and book an examination slot during which we will explain to you what is the best medical treatment for you and what is next step

  • Linda
    Posted at 2:09 PM 20/09/2018
    Reply Author

    I have been for consultations before and got told I could not have implants, as my bone density is too low and thin and my sinuses would be a problem.?? I have upper dentures .

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 2:26 PM 20/09/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Linda,
      Thank you for your requirement. If you are interested you can call us on 0800 781 9637 and book an appointment for detail examination with us so we can evaluate your bone situation and propose a treatment. About the sinuses, if you have an infection you would need to cure it before starting with an implant treatment and sinus lift if medically indicated.

  • Angela Mason
    Posted at 10:28 AM 19/03/2019
    Angela Mason
    Reply Author

    How much will one implant cost? I have just had an extraction as my crown came out and cannot be put back in as the root was damaged.

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 12:45 PM 23/04/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Dear Angela,
      We are pleased from your interest, however, we at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic are focused on performing full mouth implant restorations for nearly or fully toothless jaw with our minor treatment starting from the placement of 6 implants with fixed construction on top, which is not applicable to your current dental situation. Based on your description you need some minor tailoring.

      If you need a bigger treatment in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again.