Dental implants

Dental Implants – the Healthy Approach


If you suffer from numerous missing teeth, it can be difficult to decide which form of dental treatment is right for you. We at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic always advice our patients on dental implant solutions as we truly believe that dental implants provide the best results and this is not just about the good look. As healthcare providers, health is – of course – at the top of our agenda, so here is an insight into why dental implants are the healthiest option…


Starting with excellent oral health

Before we can carry out dental implant treatment, we need to ensure that your oral health is at an optimum level. This will help towards guaranteeing the longevity of your dental implants by creating a healthy and stable environment for them.

If required, we will work with you to boost your oral health to the required point, and we always discuss aftercare tips and tricks with all patients to ensure they are fully confident how to take care of their new dental implants.


Better for bone health

When teeth are lost, the bone in that area deteriorates and shrinks, which can have a knock-on effect on the bone surrounding the lost tooth. This means that other teeth can start to become loose too, especially the adjacent ones.

Titanium dental implants actually encourage bone growth around the implant. This is good news as it anchors the implant into the jaw creating a lovely, stable fit, but it also means that the bone deterioration doesn’t occur, thus saving the adjacent teeth.


No damage to surrounding teeth

You may have heard of dental bridges as a solution to a few missing teeth. This is where replacement teeth are set between two crowns, effectively bridging the gap left by the missing teeth. The crowns are placed on existing natural teeth, which will require an element of damage to the natural tooth underneath the crown.

While dental bridges are extremely effective and an excellent solution for those who are unsuitable for dental implant treatment, it is always better to limit damage wherever possible. This is why, for those who are suitable candidates for dental implants, we recommend this as the healthiest option.



Better for your mental well-being

When we think of health, we often become focused on just the body, but the well-being of our mental state is just as important as the physical. Our emotions can have a huge impact on overall health, and often feelings of self-consciousness, inadequacy, or a lack of confidence can lead to bigger problems such as depression.

How we feel about the way we look isn’t about vanity, it’s about having pride in our appearance and without it, even everyday tasks can feel more and more difficult. Restoring a smile can help to alleviate many of these types of feelings, which are often linked to embarrassment about missing teeth, or concern over loose dentures. Dental implants provide a healthy, stable, and permanent solution to missing teeth, and many of our patients feel instant relief and pride as soon as their new smile is unveiled.


If you would like to find out more about dental implant treatment, why not give our friendly implant advisory team a call via 02038689195?


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