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Fast & Fixed dental implants – FAQs

Fast&Fixed Dental Implants FAQ - Dentaprime F3T London

Bid Farewell to your wobbly dentures with Fast&Fixed Dental Implants at Dentaprime F3T London.

What is Fast and Fixed?
Sometimes referred to as ‘same day teeth ’, ‘Teeth in a Day’, and so on, the Fast and Fixed technique is a revolutionary treatment that allows us to provide patients with a full set of implant-retained bridges in just one day.

How does Fast and Fixed work?
At Dentaprime F3T Dental Implant Centre in Stratford, London, we first carry out an initial examination to ensure that Fast and Fixed is the best suitable treatment for the patient. In order to ascertain this, we will carry out high-tech scans and use implant-planning software called coDiagnostix. If the patient proceeds with this treatment, he will be provided with an appointment for Fast and Fixed treatment, where six implants will be placed in the upper jaw, and four will be placed in the lower jaw. We will then fix the highly durable bridges to these implants and the treatment is complete. After 10 days, stitches will need to be taken out, either by us or by your local dentist.

I’m nervous, does Fast and Fixed treatment hurt?
All implant treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic by our highly skilled dental clinicians, so patients can rest assured that they will be in very safe hands and won’t feel a thing during treatment. There may be some soreness or tenderness for a few days afterwards, but this is perfectly normal and our clinicians will provide advice on effectively managing this with painkillers. Although the treatment itself is fast, we allow patients plenty of time to ask questions during their consultation, and it is also possible to meet our clinicians and view our facilities too, in order to help ease any nerves.

How does Fast and Fixed benefit patients?
Patients who have lots of missing teeth may be currently wearing a removable denture, which can cause irritation and slippage; Fast and Fixed offers a permanent solution that with a natural look and feels just like real teeth. Thanks to the speedy nature of this treatment, patients can have their smile back in just 24 HR, meaning there is minimal downtime through multiple appointments, which is great for those with busy schedules. At Dentaprime F3T Dental Implant Centre, we also offer attractive pricing, making this an affordable solution.

Who is Fast and Fixed suitable for?
Patients who have lots of missing teeth, who are currently wearing a denture, or who have lots of teeth that require extraction would find Fast and Fixed of benefit to them. Thanks to this single-day solution, those who are short on time for attending multiple appointments will also find this an attractive option. As with all implant treatment, the patient must have sufficient bone density in the jaw and there must be no gum disease present. Each patient will require an individual examination and assessment to check that they are clinically suitable for Fast and Fixed treatment.

How do I book a consultation?
You can call us on 02038689195 and a member of our friendly implant advisory team will be able to answer your questions and book an initial consultation. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our website, here.


  • c mills
    Posted at 9:01 PM 13/07/2018
    c mills
    Reply Author

    Where are you based

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 9:36 AM 17/07/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      We are based in Stratford, London. If you would like to receive more information about our services, please call us on our freephone: 0800 781 9637.
      We will be glad to help you get your smile back!

  • Richard
    Posted at 8:28 PM 03/09/2018
    Reply Author

    Hi I would love to have this done but do not have that sort of money Mr Richard j hilllier

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 9:38 AM 12/09/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Richard,
      Are you aware of our payment options? It is not necessary to pay your full treatment at once, you can sign up for our Dental Care Membership Plan with low monthly fee and even receive an aftercare.
      How does it sound to you? If you are interested to receive more information please give us a call on 02038689195

  • Rhys Richards
    Posted at 9:21 PM 07/12/2018
    Rhys Richards
    Reply Author

    What is cost.

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 12:04 AM 10/12/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Rhys, our prices are up to 70% lower compared to other clinics in the UK. For example, Teeth in a Day for both jaws is £6490 with us compared to more than 20K in other clinics. You also have the option to pay in instalments over a period of 3 years, which makes it even more affordable. Please call us on 02038689195 if you are interested to discuss what can be the best dental treatment for you.

  • Khalid
    Posted at 12:18 AM 27/03/2019
    Reply Author


    What is the monthly payments on your membership option plan.

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 12:43 PM 23/04/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Khalid,
      We offer a 3-year instalment payment plan with 0% interest rate in the first year and 3% interest for the 2nd and 3rd year. Therefore, the monthly payment varies according to the total price of your ideal treatment. However, below you will find an example for a full mouth restoration on both jaws with Fixed Teeth in a Day package
      Installment duration : 3 years
      Treatment price: £6,490.00
      Advance payment ( 20%) : £1,298.00
      Remaining amount: £5,192.00
      Installment fee per month for the 1st year: £144.22 ( 0 % fee interest )
      Installment fee per month for the 2nd year: £148.77 ( 3% fee interest )
      Installment fee per month for the 3rd year: £148.77 ( 3% fee interest )

      Total amount paid: £6,490.00 + £207.68

      You can always pay a higher amount as an advance payment in order to reduce the monthly installment fee.

  • Nash Nash
    Posted at 7:50 PM 14/05/2019
    Nash Nash
    Reply Author

    Do you extract remaining teeth?
    What if gums are receedin is this still possible?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 12:25 PM 27/05/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Nash,
      We can extract the remaining teeth only if they are wobbly and rotten and cannot be saved. If the teeth are strong and healthy, we are not allowed to extract them. In regards to the receding gums, usually that is not an obstacle for performing successfully Fixed Teeth in a Day treatment, but in order to confirm the best treatment for you, an examination should be conducted. If you are interested to book an examination please call us on 02038689195

  • Sue Rawkins
    Posted at 10:02 PM 08/06/2019
    Sue Rawkins
    Reply Author

    How much is a co consultation please?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 3:47 PM 14/06/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Sue,
      The initial consultation cost £69 usually, but if you make your booking by the end of June it will be for free.
      The initial consultation includes:
      1. Doctor’s check-up
      2. Digital Diagnostics – Computer Tomography, X-ray, 3D intraoral Scan
      3. Preparation of treatment plan & treatment offer
      4. Discussion of the treatment plan*
      *The treatment plan will take approximately 2 hours to be prepared before being discussed

      If you would like to book a consultation, please call us on 02038689195 between 7 am and 6 pm during the week.