Dental implants

How long do dental implants last?


For the majority of patients who are considering investing in dental implants, the first question to answer is how long their new teeth are going to last. This is not just about ensuring good value for money – although this is definitely a factor that comes into play, and rightly so – it is also about the desire to achieve a beautifully restored smile that will stand the test of time.

Understanding all available options of the dental treatment for missing teeth, and the benefits of each, is fundamental in order to make an informed decision about what type of dental solution is right for you.

Dental implants – built for life

Here at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic, we restore smiles that are designed to last a lifetime. Thanks to the high-quality components that we use for every treatment, our patients will find that their restored smiles will last just as long as natural teeth. This type of treatment is by far the longest lasting (and permanent) solution for the replacement of missing teeth.

Look after your dental implants

Just like natural teeth, dental implants require care and attention to ensure their longevity, which is why a partnership between the patient and their existing dental team is paramount for the long-term success of dental implants. Probably you don’t want to pay for excellent treatment only for it to fail due to lack of upkeep. At Dentaprime F3T, we always ensure that the oral health of each dental implant patient is excellent before we carry out our treatment. This is because we will then know that the implants are placed in a stable and healthy environment, allowing them to integrate well with the jawbone. We also have the peace of mind that the patient will be able to keep up with the level of oral hygiene required for long-lasting dental implants.

The Dentaprime practitioners always discuss home care with patients during their initial consultations, so that they are fully aware of what is expected of them in order to maintain that beautiful new smile for a lifetime. They will also offer practical tips and techniques for cleaning and will remind every patient to visit their dentist and hygienist regularly for oral health maintenance, care, and check-ups. Looking after dental implants is not an onerous task, but it is vital, so we always ensure our patients know what is needed so that they can enjoy their new smile for many happy years to come.

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    I’ve had 4 implants already put in my lower jaw, I need my upper jaw done and my bottom teeth fitted!
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