Dental implants

How to look after your dental implants


smiling couple f3t implant center londonThose who crave a solution to the problem of missing or loose teeth often look into dental implants to provide them with a solution that is as close to natural dentition as possible. This is because dental implants are permanent and stable, unlike removable dentures, meaning that patients are able to eat, speak, laugh, and live their lives fully again. Without the need to hide a gappy smile or worry about dentures moving around.

We from Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic believe that dental implants are the best treatment for solving the problem of missing teeth, but we’re often asked whether they are difficult to maintain and look after. Some patients are concerned that caring for their dental implants may be arduous or time-consuming, while others are worried that they may lose their teeth all over again if they don’t look after their implants correctly.


Dental implants – easy maintenance

Therefore we are here to debunk the myth that dental implants are difficult to look after because, quite simply, they’re not! Instruction how to floss your implant supported teethIn most cases, patients are able to clean around their implants in exactly the same way as with natural teeth, using a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss. Simple! Some patients may need to use special floss or interdental brushes in order to clean around their new dental implants, but these are just as easy to use and buy as regular floss.  

Of course, excellent oral hygiene is absolutely paramount for the longevity of dental implants, in just the same way that it is for natural teeth. It is advisable to spend a little extra 

attention to your tooth-cleaning regime, just to ensure that new smile stays beautiful for many years to come!

When you return to a usual dentist and hygienist for regular check-ups and appointments, we advise our patients to remind them that you have dental implants. This will mean that they take extra special care during hygiene appointments, and they may also use slightly different tools and techniques for their cleaning procedures.


Confidence with dental implants

As you can see, the long-term care of dental implants is not too onerous. It’s simply a case of ensuring that the daily oral health regime is always on point, and perhaps spending a little extra time cleaning around those new teeth! At Dentaprime F3T, we always ensure our patients are fully confident in how to care for their dental implants, and we have an implant advisory team available on  02038689195 for any queries that they may have at any time during their dental implant journey, providing peace of mind at every stage.



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