Dental implants

We love making you smile!


At  Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London we LOVE smiles!

We believe that everyone deserves to smile with confidence and we feel lucky to help people achieve it!

With a focus on dental implant treatments for replacing missing teeth that are lost through trauma, disease or the ageing process, at Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic it is our core mission to restore smiles to their former glory – or better! The difference this can make to a person’s life is absolutely phenomenal, and we feel so lucky and grateful that we are not only able to provide this for people, but we also get to share their joy when they see the final result.

Life-changing results

Dental implant treatment can be absolutely life-changing for those who have missing teeth, because it offers a permanent solution to a problem that can cause embarrassment and confidence issues. People with missing teeth often struggle to wear removable dentures as these may slip or move when eating or speaking, or in some cases, they may simply be living with a gappy smile that they desperately try to hide. Both instances can have devastating effects on a person’s confidence, causing them to avoid social situations.

At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic in Stratford, London, our dentists use enhanced techniques and technology to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. By placing dental implants as a permanent solution to missing teeth, we are able to give people back the smile that they deserve, and this is the best part of our job! As you can tell, we are absolutely passionate about the treatments we provide, the service and aftercare that we offer, and the patients we treat. So, if you are currently suffering from missing teeth, why do not you come and see our facility for yourself and find out how we can help? It would be our pleasure to give you back the smile that you deserve.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly implant advisory team, just call us on 02038689195 or write us a comment below.


Still not convinced… what about prices that you fall in love with?!?

We are able to offer more people the chance to love their smile again with our affordable treatments. We do this using the most advanced technology and products available, and at a fraction of the cost compared to private British dental clinics. In fact, our prices are even lower than dental clinics in Hungary, which means you no longer need to travel to get a great deal on dental implants!  Both our services and prices will leave you smiling even wider than ever before!


  • Binnie Yeates
    Posted at 10:12 PM 25/07/2018
    Binnie Yeates
    Reply Author

    Is any mouth suitable for implants? I’ve been told that my gums and bone are probably too worn down to be able to have implants. I only have 4 of my own teeth left, the 4 central ones in the lower jaw. If implants were possible after all, how much would it cost?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 9:44 AM 26/07/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Binnie,
      In general, the majority of people are suitable for implant treatment, but as you know the dental services are highly individualised. If your gums and jaw bone are worn, there are some treatments which can be performed to recover their strength and make the future implantation possible. If we talk about full mouth implant restoration treatment, the price of our main treatment Fixed Teeth in a Day is 6 490 GBP and includes extractions, placement of implants on both jaws and PMMA bridges. If you would like more detailed information or to book an initial examination please do not hesitate to contact us.

      • Shirley Riley
        Posted at 12:17 PM 26/07/2018
        Shirley Riley
        Reply Author

        £6490.00 is this the price for top and bottom? I have no teeth at all so I would need top and bottom

        • Dentaprime F3T
          Posted at 12:21 PM 26/07/2018
          Dentaprime F3T
          Reply Author

          Hello Shirley,
          Yes, this is the price for top and bottom Teeth in a Day treatment. If you would like to know more details or to book an appointment with us for an initial examination you can reach us on 02038689195.

  • Jim Wynn-Haggard
    Posted at 2:54 PM 26/07/2018
    Jim Wynn-Haggard
    Reply Author

    Hi , after 102 vists to the dentist over a couple of years with 2 thirds of my teeth i think destroyed by a old fashioned thinking dentist, the back teeth on my lower jaw to the left have gone the front 5 are worn due to due to eating with front teeth ,the back lower are all intact because the have had no teeth opposite to work against I have 4 teeth in the upper front the rest are worn and brocken , would it be possible using the all on 4 technique to replace the upper front and back on my right hand side and cap the worn lower front to give me teeth in front to smile with and back right to chew with , I would be happy at that , can you give a ball park cost to achieve this, I am 67 years old, Jim

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 3:55 PM 26/07/2018
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hi Jim,
      Thank you for getting in touch and for providing this detailed description! We will be able to determine whether the All on 4 treatment is suitable for you if we see a recent panoramic Xray. Do you have one that you can send over to us? If you don’t, you can book an initial examination at our clinic – we will perform Xray, CT scan, digital diagnostics and dentist’s check-up. After that, we will prepare a treatment plan and price offer and discuss them with you. The price of the examination is £69 but this amount will be deducted from your final bill if you decide to go ahead with the treatment. If you wish to book an examination, please call us on 02038689195.

  • Jeremy Clifford
    Posted at 5:46 PM 07/06/2019
    Jeremy Clifford
    Reply Author

    You don t give any indication of the price

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 4:32 PM 14/06/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hello Jeremy,
      Our main treatment for full mouth implant restoration on both jaws is £6 490 and includes extractions, placement of implants and PMMA bridges. If you would like more detailed information or to book an initial examination please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Karen Theresa
    Posted at 2:46 AM 18/10/2019
    Karen Theresa
    Reply Author

    Please could you explain what PMMA bridges are and are they permanent or do they only last a few years?

    • Dentaprime F3T
      Posted at 12:37 PM 24/10/2019
      Dentaprime F3T
      Reply Author

      Hi Karen,
      PMMA is a permanent non-removable construction which is placed over the implants. It is under the principle of wear and tear. We do recommend replacing it in a period of time between 3 -5 years. The alternative option is full porcelain non-removable constructions, which is a permanent and non-removable construction. It doesn’t tare and its durability is for life.

      In both cases, you will be having the same smile, look and functionality.