Bone augmentation

Modern Implantology to the Highest Possible Standards

Mit Implantaten zu einem strahlenden Lächeln.

Implants for a radiant smile

Modern implantology offers a range of technical options for inserting implants safely and precisely. Specialists at the Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic make use of these options to ensure that patients receive the optimal treatment for their needs.

Before the treatment begins, it’s vital that an accurate and efficient diagnosis is made. This is vital for the implantologist to plan the forthcoming treatment safely and effectively. “Ideally, we’ll work with digital volume tomography images,” says Dr. Regina Schindjalova, digital planning specialist at Dentaprime F3T Clinic. “They’re more accurate than images from a panorama x-ray machine and give a better overall picture of the jaw.”
A further advantage of digital volume topography is that the images can be used to digitally plan the treatment. The implantologist can use a computer-based three-dimensional image to design the implant in such a way that it fits perfectly into the mouth.

A digital volume topography image can be used to create a three-dimensional computer model of the jaw and to carry out computer-supported planning of an implant.

A digital volume topography image can be used to create a three-dimensional computer model of the jaw and to carry out computer-supported planning of an implant.

A further advantage is that bone deficits can be recognised more quickly. These arise through prolonged disuse of the tissue and can be so far advanced that direct insertion of implants is rendered impossible. In this case, the bone must first be augmented to ensure the stability of the implant in the jaw.
“An implant requires what’s known as “primary stability”,” explains Dr. Schindjalova. “That means that the implant should fit snugly as soon as it is inserted. If this is not the case, it will not grow adequately into the bone.”
The specialists at the Dentaprime F3T Clinic have a wealth of experience in this area: since the clinic was founded, they have perfected several types of bone augmentation down to the smallest detail.

In addition to having the right prerequisites in place, the success of an implant is also heavily dependent on the material used – that’s why the Dentaprime F3T Clinic makes exclusive use of the high-quality German implant system from Bredent Medical.

Zirkonimplantate des White Sky Implantatsystems sind hoch biokompatibel und metallfrei.

Zirconium implants from the White Sky implant system are metal-free and highly bio-compatible.

“The quality of the implant is very important,” says Dr. Schindjalova. “The implant must serve as an exact substitute for a tooth root, which means that it should be stable and well tolerated by the body. Only a high-quality implant can assure that these conditions are fulfilled to an optimal standard. ”
If so desired, patients at the Dentaprime F3T Clinic can also opt for a zirconium oxide implant that exactly matches the colour of the dental prosthesis. In contrast to titanium implants, however, there are no definitive long-term studies into the durability of zirconium. Titanium is better-researched, has several years of use behind it and has proven itself in practice over time.

The so-called “fast & fixed procedure” enables a patient to receive a working set of fixed teeth in a single day

Immediate implant placement is a particular area of speciality at the Dentaprime F3T Clinic. Dr. Schindjalova is a widely recognised expert in the field of fast-and-fixed implants, which enables patients to receive a working set of fixed teeth in just one day.

“Patients who no longer have their own teeth are particularly likely to be seeking a quick, fixed solution,” explains Dr. Schindjalova. “The fast-and-fixed implant procedure is a form of treatment that offers exactly that.”

Four to six implants per jaw are required to anchor fixed dental prostheses on a long-term basis.

Once the implants have been put in place, only the dental prosthesis must be added for the treatment to be complete.

“Even the best implant is useless if the supraconstruction doesn’t fit the mouth,” says the master dental technician of the dental technology laboratory at the Dentaprime F3T Clinic. Around 20 dental technicians work in the clinic’s own lab to create the optimal dental prostheses for the clinic’s patients. They predominantly use ceramics to achieve this.

“Although it’s possible to make dental prostheses from plastics, ceramic is the better-quality material,” they say. “One reason for this is its high biological compatibility. Another is its flawless appearance.” Metal-free full ceramic implants are very similar in colour to natural teeth and their shape and structure can be adjusted to suit a patient’s dental characteristics, providing the ideal foundation for a successful dental prosthesis.

A big advantage of the clinic having its own laboratory is the direct cooperation between implantologists, dentists and dental technicians. Discussions can be carried out quickly and efficiently on-site and in person, which helps to prevent misunderstandings. The opportunity also exists for the dental technician to meet the patient and thus to tailor the dental prosthesis optimally to their individual needs.

Thanks to modern equipment and effective collaboration between specialists, the insertion of implant-borne dental prostheses can be carried out in just two to three steps. Different stages of the process are consolidated wherever possible to create a “compact” treatment procedure.

Technical facilities notwithstanding, the experience and expertise of professionals at the clinic is still the single most important factor in determining the success of an implant procedure. The Dentaprime F3T Clinic was delighted to acquire Dr. Schindjalova as a digital planning expert, yet she is by no means the only expert that makes the Dentaprime F3T Clinic great. The entire team offers a considerable wealth of experience and remains constantly up-to-date with the latest findings from dental medicine and implantology. Their high level of skill is trusted not only by patients from Europe, but from all over the world.


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