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Dentaprime Reviews

I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment I received on my recent visit to your clinic. I had not been to the dentist for several years as I had had a bad (and very painful) experience.

My treatment at Dentaprime was wonderful. Dr. Karamanov was absolutely fantastic. He was very caring, kind and took time to explain every stage of the treatment.

The nurses too were all very gentle and super efficient. I arrived feeling very apprehensive and left with a whole new perspective on dental treatment. The finished result is amazing and I have no reservations at all about returning for further treatment.

I will never have treatment in England again and have no hesitation in recommending Dentaprime to all my friends. Please pass on my thanks to Dr. Karamanov, he really is a wonderful dentist. See you all on my next visit. With grateful thanks,
Debbie Molloy

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I was very pleased with the treatment, immaculate environment, and dentistry to perfection. I am a 40-year-old female who visited alone and would not hesitate to recommend anyone else to do the same.

When you see the work I had in the UK compared to Dentaprime, it just doesn’t compare. The staff spent over an hour with me at my first consultation going through the treatment available.

I am due to go back in November and I would not (and could not afford) to go in the UK. I am delighted.
Amanda Poynor

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As for the dental work, great! No pain, just where my own denture rubs a bit, and getting the stitches out was uncomfortable but the male dentist at the clinic ensured me that everything is healing very well.
Because I have been off work I was able to see my own dentist too, and she was very impressed with the work done, and grateful for the letter I was given in the Clinic for my dentist. As I wrote to you from the clinic, I was initially very disappointed that only 1 tooth was going to be removed, instead of all of them, but I do understand the reasoning behind that, and it is cheaper too to keep my own teeth.

However, cost is not my main concern, and I did worry that I was going to end up with a patch up job, veneering or crowning teeth that are not going to last. But after having seen the work done on other people I am very encouraged, and I am also very glad to already have the implants in my upper jaw, which I was not expecting on the first visit. And they did pull my sore molar, which could not be saved after all. That was more uncomfortable than the implants.
I also am pleased that I shall be able to eat turkey next week with totally healed gums! Please by all means quote me on the website, and I’ll gladly talk to anyone interested as well, like Mrs Flood whom in the end I never spoke to, but I appreciated the offer. One thing I think I forgot to mention:

The Ritza was really brilliant, the rooms comfortable, the staff very friendly and the company of all the other dental patients great craick, as the Irish say. Rob and Annie d’Utrecht, Michael and Michaela from Germany and Allan from Manchester have become good friends and were so funny and supportive, it was great to all be together and to benefit from each other’s experience. We all went out to Mexata, the local restaurant near the clinic and had a great night out with excellent food too. I hope to be able to go back in May/June, and would like to stay in one of the Ritza’s apartments, as I probably will have to bring work with me. I’d better stop now, have a great weekend.
Dentaprime review by: Barbara Ferguson

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I simply cannot praise Dentaprime enough – I honestly felt so safe in their hands. From the moment I read their wonderful website which is so informative, I knew I was going to the right place.
I have for years been made to feel like a second class ‘dental’ citizen because I had a certain amount of gum disease and on every six monthly dental check my NHS dentist would start ‘tutting’ and shaking his head and telling I must see his hygienist – which I always have done. At least that got me out of his hair – or should I say his chair!

The final straw came when I decided to seek the help of specialist in periodontal disease and, although he was very professional in his approach, he proceeded to tell me I needed to have all my molar teeth removed and if I wanted implants I needed sinus lifts and a bone graft on one side and I would finally have eight implants. I knew I was going to be in line for a fairly hefty quotation but when it arrived I was speechless – I could have bought three small cars for the money!! Financially this treatment was totally out of the question and I felt that I was doomed to become a toothless old lady. But after a few days of tearful outbursts and worry I decided to take a more positive approach and searched the Internet where I found Dentaprime.

I have just returned from my first visit. I was so impressed with the treatment I received right from the first moment. I visited about four different surgeries whilst there and just seeing all the ultra modern equipment was amazing. The diagnosis I received was totally different and I am going to be able to keep all my teeth. I did need a sinus lift/bone graft on one side to enable me to have two implants and this has been done already – absolutely painlessly.
I am going to need two more visits once the bone graft has grown in to complete my treatment but for once in my life I am looking forward to going to the dentist!! The good thing being that you can also have a very enjoyable holiday at the same time.

One of the many good things about Dentaprime is that you never get the feeling that all they want to do is make money out of your misfortune – totally the opposite.
I thank Dr. Schindjalova and all of her very professional staff that I have come in contact with at Dentaprime which also includes Mary in Holland who was my first contact and totally inspired confidence.
Dentaprime review by: Marion Swayne

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I now have the treatment which I needed at the top of my mouth completed and I am delighted, so happy and full of emotions. As I type this, I still have some lack of feeling in my face due to two injections, which have also made my lips swell, but it is worth it. When the swelling goes down I will be able to show my proper smile and I can hardly wait! I feel like a child who has just been given a wonderful present that she thought she could never have for Christmas!
I cannot thank Dr Schindjalova enough and her wonderful team; including yourself Mary. If it were not for all of you, I would not have such a smile on my face now, nor would I be arranging for an appointment to go back next April/May to have more treatment. I am so glad that I came, so glad for your encouragement and for the patience and also the love and support of my wonderful husband.
Kindest wishes.

Thank you for your email. The treatment I received from your clinic was absolutley fantastic and one that I will be recommending to others. I look forward to my return trip in Jan 2009 to have two crowns fitted. Thanks again for all your help.

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I attended Dentaprime in Nov. 06. I had some veneers and stage one of an implant. The service was fantastic and extremely professional. On returning home I had a problem with one of the veneers (it slightly discoloured). I notified Dentaprime and was assured on my return for final crown to the implant that the veneer would be replaced. Indeed it was and the final job was most impressive. The girl in charge took great care and patience to match the colour. It was very interesting as they let me watch the process in the lab. I can only give utmost praise for the attention to detail and professionalism of all the staff.
Dentaprime review by: Mary Flood

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I cannot praise the service I received highly enough. From the moment I first contacted Dentaprime I was treated as an individual, with individual needs. The ‘personal’ approach beginning with yourself certainly helped me make up my mind about having the treatment through Dentaprime.

From my initial consultation at the clinic I knew I had made the right choice. The staff were excellent and put me at ease straight away. There was no ‘hard sell’ during the consultation, they listened to what I wanted and made suggestions based on their knowledge and experience.
Although not all the Doctors could speak English, there was always somebody on hand to translate so I was kept fully informed at all times during the treatment.

The facilities are exactly as described on the website with modern equipment and a friendly atmosphere. The emphasis placed on cleanliness and hygeine was first class. I know that perhaps other visitors from the UK may be apprehensive about going abroad for treatment but I can assure them that they will not find higher standards anywhere in the World than at Dentaprime.
I only encountered one problem during my stay… and that was with my bank. Many UK banks put a block on large transactions originating from abroad as a fraud prevention measure. I would urge all UK visitors to contact their bank prior to travelling to ensure that the payment will be honoured. In my case I had to ask the bank to remove the fraud prevention measures temporarily, but it still resulted in a day’s delay in receiving the treatment.
As for my treatment… I had 5 crowns, 2 bridges and preparation work for 3 implants. I am delighted with the results, very, very happy. My confidence has been boosted and I am no longer ashamed to smile. In fact, I haven’t stopped smiling since I landed back in the UK.

I will be returning to Bulgaria to complete my treatment in six months… I am actually looking forward to returning… and that is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to a visit to the dentist!
I would also like to thank you personally Mary, for helping to arrange everything; especially following the unfortunate incident when my passport was stolen the day before I was due to travel to Bulgaria.
I would be more than happy for you to forward my email address on to any prospective patients who might want to ask questions on my Dentaprime experience.
Thank you.
Kind regards.
Neil Gower

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Dear Mary & Dentaprime Team ,

After my two visits in 2007 to your clinic in Varna, it is with great pleasure that I can recommend Dentaprime for any dental treatment.

As you know I am having a major treatment with Dentaprime, I must point out that your clinic surpassed all my expectations with very high standars and very professional, caring staff. My dentist in Guildford, England, for 20 years was most impressed with your inplants in my mouth and your initial diagnosis and subsequent advice.

It was a difficult decision for me to make almost a year ago, I am over the moon with my decision financially and medically.

I am looking forward to coming to Varna for two weeks in December 2007 for my final treatment. Thank you all again.
MM Tercan

Dear Dentaprime Team,
My feedback is dedicated to all the people who were involved in my treatment It starts with Mary from your Dutch office and continues with the local team at Sankt Constantin. From the first moment I knew I was in good hands. Of course the treatment itself was a bit stressfull but 13 teeth were refurbished within 12 days.

I can only say thank you for making the treatment as pleasant as possible. I was always taken care of in a most human way, thanks to the really nice people in the Varna clinic. The friendly architecture of the building together with the team give a harmonious picture. I am very happy with the results of my treatment, besides have saved lots of Euros and had a a nice stay at the Black Sea.
Best Regards.
Michael Hauser

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Dear Mr Frost,
I am now back from sunny Bulgaria & am generally very please with the outcome of my visit. The welcome I received was very warm & friendly & this continued throughout my stay. All the staff were excellent & I was treated in a very professional way. I am 100% happy with the top teeth and as yet only had the six lower middle teeth done. Originally at my first consultation, I was quoted to have all these six crowned, but during treatment this was changed to the middle three being veneers or half crowns apparently due to their size. Anyway the colour I was told was not an exact match and these were sent back to the lab for painting. When they were fitted they felt very rough on the inside & the outside & were then smoothed down. They are still not completely smooth but am assured that they will be fine in two months time. My main disappointment in this area was that one of the margins was not very good & was told that it was the tooth underneath slightly showing because it had been smoothed down & the new tooth was now very thin at the bottom. The Doctor did put a bit of filling in but at the present it is still showing the margin. All the other full crowns & bridges are excellent. Perhaps on my next visit if the margin is still there, it can be redone. May I make a suggestion, that if any one else is going out to Bulgaria for the amount of replacement teeth that I am having, that you recommend they have any route canal treatment or infections treated in their home country. I unfortunately have incured much expense having canal treatment which could not all be cured within the time & am now having to go back to my own dentist in England. Apart from the expense this also means I was unable to have a bridge completed. Although there are some negatives here, in general, I am very satisfied with the overall treatment & would have no hesitation in recommending Dentaprime to my friends & family, indeed I already have. I will be returning hopefully in October for my implants.
Kind regards.
Alan Demmon

Dear Peter,
I had major dental treatment at the Dentaprime Clinic I would recommend this clinic and its facilities to anyone starting with the reception staff all the way through to the doctors. The treatment I received was first class and second to none. I first went to a clinic in England and was told it would take 8 months to carry out all the treatment, at Dentaprime it took only 9 days, I was also quoted £12,000.00 for the treatment in England at Dentaprime it cost £ 6,700.00. The end result was a perfect smile, which, as a Company Director, is worth its weight in Gold.
Chris Hegarty