Hand-crafted ceramic veneers

Do you dream of beautiful teeth? Your dreams of a perfect smile can come true in just a few days – at prices that will bring that smile to your face. In just a few days, we can dress your teeth with extremely thin ceramic covers or “veneers”. This helps you permanently cover up discolouration, faulty positioning or gap between the teeth (diastema).

In these cases, veneers may be a sensible alternative for you:

  • If the teeth are severely discoloured, and bleaching does not remove the discolouration (e.g. where discolouration has been caused by the antibiotic tetracycline)
  • minor displacement and erosion
  • If you are not completely happy with the brightness obtained by bleaching, and you would like your teeth to be even whiter.

Not all veneers are the same.

There are visible differences between materials and manufacturing processes. A perfect-looking veneer is made of hand-crafted ceramic. This contrasts with plastic veneers (also known as hybrid veneers) or veneers produced on a machine (“CAD/CAM” or “Cerec” veneers). At Dentaprime F3T Dental Clinic we use ceramic veneers exclusively – produced by our talented dental technicians in a sophisticated hand-crafted process. For the base material we only use the highest-quality dental ceramic from the Liecthenstein manufacturer Ivoklar Vivadent.

Which veneers are needed?

Most people can achieve perfect front teeth with eight veneers. For a broad smile, ten veneers may be needed to achieve perfect results. The teeth in the lower jaw are generally treated with in-house bleaching, to match their whiteness to the upper front teeth.

Take advantage of the perfect aesthetics and low costs.

Hand-crafted veneers are the best possible investment in your self-confidence. You will save thousands of Euros and benefit from perfect quality. Naturally, we offer a five-year guarantee.