Full-ceramic tooth replacement


New teeth modelled on nature

Full-ceramic tooth replacement allows the light to shimmer through slightly (translucence). It is extremely hard and resistant to bending, and does not cause an allergic reaction.

Gold crowns or metal-ceramic crowns do not meet these requirements. Whereas, full-ceramic crowns and bridges made of the ceramic zirconium oxide (also known as zirconium) and other similar ceramics such as e.max Press / e.max CAD or Empress do. As well as the natural appearance, tooth replacement using full-ceramic is metal-free and so does not cause an allergic reaction.

Please note: Unlike the representation in the video, Dentaprime Dental Clinic works with digital impressions (without impression compound or tray), which is why the treatment can be carried out in one week during your stay.

Risk of metal allergy

“There are risks associated with using every type of non-natural technical dental material. We can only rule out risk if we use body-identical materials. But we can considerably reduce the risk by using full-ceramic crowns and bridges made of zirconium oxide” says Dr Kurt Müller, Resident Dermatologist and Environmental Medicine Specialist from Isny.

Dr Wolfgang Koch, a dentist from Herne and board member of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahn-Medizin (GZM or International Society for Holistic Dentistry) is convinced: “If we use metal-free, ceramic materials such as zirconium oxide, w can bring the residual risk do the patient down towards zero.”
Source: Ratgeber gesund

Inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges are made using zirconium oxide, e.max Press / e.max CAD or Empress in Dentaprime Dental Clinic’s own in-house technical dental laboratory. They are made of 100% ceramic and do not contain any metal. The dental technicians work with the latest systems form the world leaders in dental technology, KaVo Everest – Made in Germany.

The German central body for health protection in medicines and medical products has awarded KaVo organic certification for their zirconium oxide. This ensures the framework material KaVo is absolutely bio-compatible and therefore allergy-free for the patient.

Take care when using cheap offers of uncertain origin

What’s important for you as a patient: Not all zirconium is the same! So writes Dr Erwin Klose in the Dental Laboratory Magazine, volume 9/2008:

“If zirconium oxide of uncertain origin (or purity) is produced or sold, then this material can be clearly described as “risky zirconium oxide”. This is particularly serious when any associated radioactive isotopes such as uranium or thorium significantly increase the level of radioactivity.

Currently, a number of suppliers are forcing different kinds of zirconium oxide and blanks made of this material onto the market. Amazingly, these products are on offer at some extremely low prices. This does not mean that all these suppliers are not legitimate, sourcing their raw materials on the grey market, or that they have something to hide in their manufacturing processes. But one thing is clear: But all businesses must expect this. The nature and type of the product and the company certification may be unclear in some circumstances, and possibly does not correspond to the usual regulations.”


At Dentaprime Dental Clinic, we exclusively use zirconium blanks from the brand KaVo, Made in Germany. We strongly recommend that you inquire about the brand information and origin of the zirconium when comparing suppliers’ prices.