Bone Graft


With increasing age, in the event of chronic periodontitis (inflammation of the gum) and other risk factors, the bone substance of the jaw bone degrades. The result: The root of the tooth has lan increasingly less secure hold in the degrading bone – until it falls out. So more people in Germany lose their teeth because of periodontitis than tooth decay.

Your jaw bone remains strong and solid when it is subject to pressure. So the teeth above the roots put pressure on the bones when chewing. This pressure is not present where there are no teeth. The bone keeps receding even further.

The jaw bone can become so thin that dental implants cannot take hold in it. They would protrude too fat out of the bone, even with the smallest possible size of implants.

In a case like this, your Dentaprime surgeon can perform what’s known as a bone regeneration. In small areas, such as the area around just one or two teeth, he can often build up the bone and place the implant at the same time. In larger areas, the bone is first built up and the implant inserted after a healing period of up to 6 months. The method use for vertical build-up of the side tooth area of the upper jaw is the sinus lift.

For bone regeneration at the Dentaprime Dental Clinic, we work with the body’s bone or specific bone replacement materials such as BIO-OSS. The latter are highly-developed high-tech bio-products, which deliver outstanding results and reliable long-term success (15 years).

However, with larger-scale bone regeneration, it may be necessary to perform a transplant of your own bone. Removing bone from the body , e.g. from the help is complex, and can also be painful. There is also the risk of bone defect and infection. This is why we do not practice this form of iliac crest transplant at Dentaprime Dental Clinic.

Your Dentaprime surgeon may enrich the nano-crystals on the bone replacement material with growth agents, in order to accelerate the healing of the regeneration. One naturally-effective method involves using bone material which was collected during preparation,and contains the body’s own growth agents.

You can see that the modern bio-technology used in your Dentaprime Dental Clinic opens up new possibilities: There is virtually not a single patient any more that Dentaprime Dental Clinic can not help to have firmly fixed teeth.

Your Dentaprime surgeon will explain which method and process is best for you after a diagnosis in the Dentaprime Dental Clinic. We do this by taking a three-dimensional model of your jaw with a highly-modern volume tomograph.

The specialists at the Dentaprime Dental Clinic perform bone regenerations practically every day. This experience guarantees ideal results.