Computer aided implant planning


Using 3D volume tomography and computer aided implant planning, Dentaprime Dental Clinic can create an exact simulation of your implant. And with accuracy to within a tenth of a milimetre. This means we can guarantee a secure, successful implant even where there is limited bone availability.

In the Dentaprime Dental Clinic we used the very latest, safest implant techniques with the highest level of precision. For perfect results, even in complicated cases:

1. TheGenoray 3G digital volume tomograph

This machine produces a three-dimensional, extremely precise image of your jaw bone. This digital 3D model is transferred into special software. It is used for computer aided implant planning.

2. Codiagnostix

The hole your Dentaprime dental surgeon make must fit exactly. Length, angle and position of the hole must be planned and executed with complete precision. To do this, the 3D model of the jaw bone is transferred from the volume tomograph into the Codiagnostix software. The implant specialist carries out the implant planning process in this program. Even difficult cases can be planned with the highest precision in this program to help achieve perfect results.

3. Implant

The implant is carried out using computer planning which precisely defines length, position and angle of the drilled hole. If necessary the surgeon may use a drilling template as well as a surgery device, the Intrasurg from Kavo, made in Germany. It precisely regulates revolution speed and torque.

4. Super-structure

Once the dental implant has grown firmly into the jawbone, the temporary replacement tooth is removed, and the super-structure attached. This can involve an individual tooth, a bridge or an implant-borne denture.


At the Dentaprime Dental Clinic, dental implants are planned and fitted using state-of-the-art techniques – for maximum safety and perfect results.