Your advantages


Take advantage of the benefits of a Dentaprime F3T teeth implantation:

  • Experience and competence:
    Our dentists have placed more than 40,000 implants on over 20 000 excited patients. Don’t waste time and take advantage of their ability yourself.

  • Precision and safety:
    Using 3D volume tomography and computer-aided implant planning, we can create an exact simulation of your implantation. And with an accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre. This way we can guarantee a secure, successful implantation even where there is limited bone availability.

  • Implants even where there is a limited amount of jaw bone:
    The oral surgeons at Dentaprime F3T dental clinic can draw on an enormous wealth of experience – particularly when it comes to redevelopment of jaw bones. Even where the anatomy of the jaw bone is very unfavourable, they are able to carry out dental implants placement using sinus lift, bone grafting and other methods of bone regeneration.

  • Healing and durability of your dental implants::
    Thanks to our very conservative approach, we have a very high success rate when it comes to healing – 99.2% in non-risk patients. If the dental implants grow into the jaw bone, then they can last a whole lifetime.

  • Fixed or removable denture: Individual solutions for toothless jaws
    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or zirconium oxide. The tooth replacement can be an individual crown or complete bridge which is applied permanently over the implant. The alternative solution is the replacement construction to be fixed over removable denture.

  • Implant-borne, fully ceramic tooth replacement:
    Our in-house master laboratory can produce the ideal tooth replacements for you in such a way that they look and function as natural teeth. High-quality ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges are produced within the laboratory on request. Therefore your replacement teeth are individually adapted to the last detail. No comparison with the construction work from the far east!

  • Solid teeth immediately:
    The team at Dentaprime F3T dental clinic has a vast experience in performing implant treatment with firmly positioned bridges (screwed to implants). This “Teeth in a Day” treatment facilitates a firmly-positioned, implant-borne denture instead of removable forms of treatment.

  • Aftercare:
    We offer a Dental Care Membership Plan, which covers your regular aftercare treatment. As dental professionalists, we recommend you to have your implant construction checked and cleaned every 6 months. 

  • Your digital medical record:
    You will receive a DVD from us with images of your computer tomography and x-rays. Along with your doctor’s note and implant passports, this means you will have all the documents from your treatment.

  • Considerable cost savings:
    You will save up to 70% compared to all private dentists in the UK and up to 15% compared to a treatment in Western Europe.