Zirconium implants

zirconium implants Axis Biodental

zirconium implants Axis Biodental

Particularly in the front of the mouth, patients often prefer the most aesthetically pleasing solutions – with white zirconium implants from AXIS biodental, we can now offer larger crown and bridge solutions as well as solutions for single teeth and interdental gaps.

Using white implants from the Hexalobe range made by our system supplier Axis biodental, we meet our patient’s highest demands par excellence:

No dark shadows affect the appearance of our replacement tooth treatment. Even where the height of the gum is limited, this helps us achieve wonderful results. You will be happy with your AXIS biodental zirconium implants for a very long time.

The high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide is ideal for dental implants. It features the 3 way strength of titanium. It possesses excellent elasticity and is resistant to breaking – for decades. Scientific studies show that it has the same properties as comparable titanium surfaces when healing into bone.

The zirconium implants in the Hexalobe range come in two parts which means they can be used just like conventional titanium implants. The positioning of the replacement tooth to be fitted – whether crown or bridge – can be perfectly adjusted using “abutments”.