Prevention through professional teeth cleaning

Even someone who pays thorough attention to adequate care of their natural teeth will not always be able to reach all the spaces between the teeth and the other areas in the mouth. This leads to long-term impregnation of bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to a range of complaints such as tooth-decay, periodontitis or gum disease.

Alongside your own, mechanical tooth brushing, professional tooth cleaning, which you should ideally have done by your dentist every six to twelve months, guarantees optimum oral hygiene, so that the natural tooth material can last as long as possible.

You can prevent disease with professional teeth cleaning

Particularly at an advanced age, you should pay attention to regular, professional teeth cleaning. Because as you grow older, your body’s vulnerability to inflammation and illness increases on the one hand, and on the other, the dexterity needed for thorough cleaning decreases. Above all, the negative effect of this is that bacteria which can cause an inflammation remain in the mouth. Professional teeth cleaning counteracts the existing issues and reduces the risk of tooth decay and inflammation.

Professional teeth cleaning with Airflow

We can also offer you the “Airflow” approach, which is particularly popular for intensive cleaning of the natural teeth. Here, a fine water and salt powder spray clean the teeth. Not only does this clean them, it also removes discolouration from their surface. Discolouration occurs, above all, in connection with consumption of foodstuffs such as red wine and coffee, or as a result of smoking. Age-related discolouration can also be removed.