An above-average number of anxious patients turn to Dentaprime Dental Clinic. If the average is around 10%, our average is closer to 20%. One of the reasons for this is the need for extensive restoration, as the teeth are frequently very severely damaged in anxious patients. In these cases, Dentaprime Dental Clinic can offer very significant savings.

Accordingly, we have set ourselves up to meet the particular needs of anxious patients. If you suffer from a fear of the dentist, then you’ve come to the right place. For Dentaprime Dental Clinic can offer:

  • Treatment under anaesthetic
  • Special psychosomatic competence
  • Empathy and patience
  • Many years of experience treating anxious patients.


An anaesthetist with an assistant will be at your side all the way through your treatment. He will administer anaesthetic and sedation intravenously and will leave you in a condition where you will not feel any pain or anxiety.

A general anaesthetic may be an appropriate approach for patients suffering from very severe anxiety. As well as all this, we can also help you with our particular psychosomatic capability.

Many patients are afraid of the dentist because they actually experienced a lot of pain on past dental visits.

As an anxious patient, you can trust us when we say you will not feel any pain. However if you should feel unwell, you can stop the treatment immediately by raising your hand. Here, you don’t have to worry about statements like “it’ll be over soon” or “you won’t feel a thing”.

All of our dentists will explain what he will do before and during the treatment. He will show you the tools used, and also the tooth to be treated using an intra-oral camera with display on a multimedia screen. This helps you understand and follow the treatment. This really helps you relax. For as an anxious patient you do need a lot of information, which your Dentaprime dentists are happy to provide.

Here’s what our patients say:

I was a panicky patient, and I last went to the dentist about 14 years ago. Under the general anaesthetic I wanted, all painful, unpleasant work such as the sinus lift, implant fitting, treatment of decay (with temporary fillings) and crown replacement was carried out without any pain whatsoever for me. Thanks to the sensitive, careful approach used by the staff treating me, I was able to get through all the follow-up appointments without any panic or pain.

Heinz Georg T. on

I chose this clinic specifically because I am extremely scared of the dentist. Even before I arrived in Varna, I started to feel a little worried. Then, I received such a warm welcome at the clinic, and was given such good advice, that my worry just disappeared. The treatment under anaesthetic was great, no pain afterwards, it all went like a dream.
Elsbeth G. on

First of all, I would like to thank the whole team for my excellent, sensitive treatment. As I’m extremely scared of visiting the dentist, I rally had to overcome a lot to go for treatment. I had a few teeth taken out under anaesthetic, and had root canal treatment. I didn’t feel a thing, and didn’t have any pain afterwards.
Gudrun M. on die