Tooth replacement


It is not always possible or advisable to replace missing teeth with a permanent replacement tooth.
As well as medical reasons, there is a range of motivations for choosing a removable replacement: for example, it is generally less expensive and normally easier to clean.
However, there are a number of reservations with regard to durability and appearance. Firstly, removable dentures have limited durability in many cases, and secondly, the appearance is not ideal as they look, and are bigger.

Removable tooth replacement

Removable tooth replacement

Examples of removable tooth replacement include the attachment denture and the telescopic denture. Both systems consist of a type of “plug-system”, the fixed component is anchored to the existing teeth (or implants), the removable part is designed in such a way that in can be “plugged on” and is then firmly attached.

As well as use as a replacement for the complete jaw, partial denture solutions are also an option. We differentiate between a bridging denture which aims to bridge a gap in the teeth, and free-end prostheses which treat an open end.

At the Dentaprime Dental Clinic, every denture is made in our own in-house dental laboratory and adapted to the needs of the patient. Shape, colour, and the perfect fit are just three of the many different important criteria. Automated CAD/CAM technology combined with our dental technicians’ craftsmanship guarantee perfect results.

Telescopic and attachment dentures can also be attached to implants. For these act as a pillar for the fixed part of the denture.