Tooth replacements on implants


Tooth replacements on implants – for your most beautiful smile

Even the most careful tooth care and dentistry can not always prevent tooth loss. The convenient alternative to conventional tooth replacement is increasingly: Implant-based dentures.

A healthy smile is bewitching: Both in terms of appearance and function, implant-based dentures offer a bio-compatible, high-quality treatment, which is in no way inferior to your own teeth when it comes to durability – to help you eat comfortably without any restrictions. For a long time now, modern implant-borne dentures have held their own versus the natural ideal.

What are implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots, which are fitted into the jaw bone. These screw-shaped components made of titanium – a bio-compatible metal – which is accepted by the body’s tissue without any problem. The same goes for implants made of stable zirconium dioxide ceramic which can easily handle the stresses of chewing. In the lower jaw, the implant needs six to twelve weeks to heal and to bond with the bone. If bone tissue is missing, it can be regenerated artificially or via a bone transplant.

At Dentaprime F3t implants are inserted under local anaesthetic. Depending on the jaw situation, an implant can be fitted with a temporary denture, which is later replaced with a permanent one, which is indistinguishable from the remaining natural teeth.

This means that implants don’t just replace missing teeth, they also stop the jaw bone from degenerating. And they act as a carrier for the prosthetic tooth replacement, or “super-construction”.

What implant-based dentures can do

Depending on the status of the teeth and the desire for comfort, various treatment scenarios are involved: Is an individual front tooth is to be replaced, or several teeth using a fixed bridge? Or a fixed denture used to compensate for complete loss of a tooth? Implants form the foundation for solid crowns – not matter where, in the side tooth or front tooth area. The neighbouring teeth remain as they are: when inserting the implant just as when building up crowns.

If several teeth are missing, the implants support the bridge along with the natural teeth. As these bridges are permanently screwed onto the implants, they don’t have to be removed for maintenance. In contrast, where the remaining dentition is severely reduced, removable dentures provide the security you need. Individual implants which are far apart are connected by a bar, which holds the new ones firmly.

Fixed bridges are also a good option – for a more natural look. For this, up to eight static, optimally spread implants are inserted. Even where the bone loss is irreparable, a semi-fixed solution of up to four implants is achievable, crowned by a pleasing, firmly positioned denture which can be removed for cleaning.

What Dentaprime can do for you

Implant-borne dentures are one of our main areas of focus. Experienced implant specialists and dentists are ready to assist at Dentaprime F3T, supported by the clinic’s own master laboratory. Modern systems from leading manufacturers facilitate precise, detailed planning. CT data acts as the basis for assessment of the jaw situation – for virtual implant placement. This gives rise to an individual, surgical template, which helps achieve ideal, secure placement of the implants.

How long do implants last?

With good oral hygiene, a lifetime. On the condition that there is no inflammation or complications of the bond between the implant and the jaw bone.

The aim of our Dentaprime specialists for reconstructive, implant-borne dentures: A healthy smile! These replacement teeth feel like your own ones – and look like them too, thanks to the individual design of shape and colour. Take a big bite – this perfect looking result lets you smile your best smile.