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We are proud that we have helped more than twenty thousand patients so far to have a better life and smile more by having a new beautiful smile. Our dentists and dental technicians work in a great co-operation to produce excellent results.

Our Doctors

Dental Hygienist Katie Lee Dental Hygienist Katie Lee

GDC Reg No. 252984

Dental Hygienist Nusaiba Ahamed Dental Hygienist Nusaiba Ahamed

GDC Reg No. 301169

Dr. Chrysanthi Papadopoulou Dr. Chrysanthi Papadopoulou

GDC Reg No. 287922

Dental Therapist Sonia Dorka Dental Therapist Sonia Dorka

GDC Reg No. 264091

Dr. Andreea Princea Dr. Andreea Princea

GDC Reg No. 291976

Dr. Siddiq Ahmed Dr. Siddiq Ahmed

GDC Reg No. 298634

Dr. Nuno Carvalho Sarmento de Meneses Dr. Nuno Carvalho Sarmento de Meneses

GDC Reg No. 294685

Dr. Soroush Kargahi Dr. Soroush Kargahi

GDC Reg No. 297560

Dr. Fatemeh Hesami Dr. Fatemeh Hesami

GDC Reg No. 297269

Dr. Sam Gis Kalantari Soltanieh Dr. Sam Gis Kalantari Soltanieh

GDC Reg No. 297257

Dr. Yasmin Alsabagh Dr. Yasmin Alsabagh

GDC Reg No. 291157

Dr. Teodora Stoyanova Dr. Teodora Stoyanova

GDC Reg No. 269612

Dr. Lucjani Zallemi Dr. Lucjani Zallemi

GDC Reg No. 295429

Dr. Zoltan Csikos Dr. Zoltan Csikos

GDC Reg No. 275157

Dr. Katarzyna Pental Dr. Katarzyna Pental

GDC Reg No. 273183

Dr. Ana Sofia Gomes Dr. Ana Sofia Gomes

GDC Reg No. 240241

Dr. Elena Tuma Dr. Elena Tuma

GDC Reg No. 282419

Dr. Andromachos Kandioglou Dr. Andromachos Kandioglou

GDC Reg No. 288006

We believe that fixed teeth with dental implants should be made accessible to anyone in the UK. This is why we have streamlined our in-house restoration production process. Dentaprime UK is now able to offer non-removable fixed dentures for prices 70% cheaper compared to others in the UK.

Our mission

Our mission is to grant every patient a painless and fear-free transformational journey towards their improved health. Dental implants offer the ultimate aesthetic and functional solution to tooth loss for patients who have been struggling without teeth for a long time.

We offer a high level of patient care, outstanding dental expertise, the best biocompatible and high-tech materials and hyper hygiene on all premises.

Through the optimised production process and state-of-the-art in-house lab, we have been able to offer the most affordable prices for dental implant treatments in the UK, in a London-based dental clinic.

Our history

The first Dentaprime dental implant clinic was opened in Varna, Bulgaria. Dentaprime now has the largest Guinness award-winning Dental Treatment Center in Europe.

We’ve been offering affordable dental implant treatments for toothless patients from all over the world for more than 15 years.

In 2017 we’ve opened our new clinic in Stratford, London. Our aim is to provide high-quality and affordable dental services in the UK so that patients no longer have to travel abroad for cheap dental implant treatments. This way Brits can access top-notch levels of dental care at affordable costs locally, without having to go to Turkey for cheap dental implants.

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Dentaprime UK Dental Clinic

+44 20 3868 9195

1 Cooperage Yard,
Stratford, E15 2QR,

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