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Take advantage of the many benefits that Dentaprime UK offers. Our in-house master laboratory produce the ideal replacement for your teeth in such a way that they look and function as your natural teeth. Our dentists have placed more than forty thousand implants on over twenty thousand patients. Don’t waste time with other clinics and take advantage of our services now!

Bar Overdentures

Bar Overdentures offer more stability than traditional dentures, as they are retained by both the natural jaw bone and implants rather than adhesive pastes. The dentures, the bar, or both have small clips that hold them together. Implant bar overdentures will provide more strength while eating, as it is more stable and less likely to shift under extreme pressure.

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Zirconia Bridges

Zirconium bridges are the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Zirconia bridges are also exceptionally strong and stable. They have a translucent appearance which provides a more natural look of your new teeth. Zirconium does not break, it does not stain and provide durability for life. You clean and maintain it like your own natural teeth.

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Dental Implants

Our dentists have placed more than forty thousand implants on over twenty thousand excited patients. Don’t waste time and take advantage of their ability yourself. Thanks to our very conservative approach, we have a very high success rate when it comes to healing – 99.2% in non-risk patients. It is well known that dental implants can last a whole lifetime.

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Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift is a crucial procedure for patients who don’t have enough healthy bone to support dental implants. It is necessary to preserve the health of the remaining teeth and protect the future dental health. The materials we use have been successfully implemented in practice for more than 20 years.

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Bone Graft

We can perform what’s known as a bone augmentation (regeneration), through which we can often build up the bone and place the implant at the same time. We work with specific bone replacement materials such as BIO-OSS, which deliver outstanding results and reliable long-term success (15 years).

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Fixed Teeth

Also known as Teeth in a Day, Fixed Teeth is an ideal solution for patients who are looking for an alternative to removable dentures at an attractive price. The complete treatment is carried out within a single day, including tooth extraction (if necessary), placement of the implants and attachment of the bridges.

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