Hollywood Smiles – À la carte

Beautiful teeth have become a status symbol: anyone who is in the limelight or the public eye is expected to display a radiant smile. But what happens when we’re not blessed naturally with flawless teeth?

Beautiful teeth have become a status symbol: anyone who is in the limelight or the public eye is expected to display a radiant smile. But what happens when we’re not blessed naturally with flawless teeth?

The dentists and dental technicians at the Dentaprime Clinic in Varna can help turn transform immaculate teeth from a dream to reality. From smaller treatments like bleaching or veneers to complex interventions like the fitting of implants or bone augmentation, all of our procedures are carried out by experienced specialists as a matter of routine.


Light staining caused by the consumption of nicotine, tea, coffee, red wine or other discolouring substances can be remedied by in-office bleaching, which removes deposits and discolouration. However, if external discolouration is not the problem – or if bleaching is not able to achieve a satisfactory result – our dental experts can turn to veneers. Veneers are thin ceramic bowls that are fitted on top of the natural teeth and can be used to provide visual correction for stains and small defects.

If defects are more obvious or if the teeth are so decayed that they have fallen out or need to be removed, veneers are no longer a suitable option. In this case, dentists, implantologists and dental technicians must work together to create a perfectly tailored dental prosthesis.

Dental Implants

A good dental prosthesis begins with precise planning and an in-depth consultation. “We use cutting-edge technology to take a precise look at the patient’s dental situation,” says Dr. Regina Schindjalova, director of the Dentaprime Clinic. “It’s thanks to such technology that we are able to guarantee precise planning and cooperate with the patient to decide the best method of treatment.” Technology used by the clinic includes digital volume tomography, which produces considerably more precise images than a conventional x-ray machine; what’s more, it enables the specialists to obtain a three-dimensional view of the mouth and thus to plan any possible intervention down to the smallest detail. “This approach facilitates an outstanding level of precision – which is particularly useful when implants are part of the planned treatment,” says Dr. Schindjalova.

Dental implants are used in cases where one or more teeth are missing. They replace the natural tooth root and form an ideal basis for individual dental prostheses, which are fitted as so-called “supraconstructions”. “Dental implants have huge advantages over other types of tooth replacement treatments,” says Dr. Michail Haralambiev, an implantologist at the Dentaprime Clinic. “Unlike with bridges, there is no need for healthy teeth to be filed down before implants can be inserted. And implants are securely anchored in the jaw – ensuring that they load the bone in the same way as the natural tooth.”

Natural-looking tooth replacement

If implants are used as a basis for one or more dental prostheses, the structure must be right. “Even the best implant is no use if the supraconstruction does not fit the mouth,” says Peter Meier, master dental technician and director of the technical laboratory at the Dentaprime Clinic. Peter works alongside his approximately 20-strong team to create prostheses made mainly from ceramics. “Ceramic is the most suitable material material, since it’s highly compatible from both a medical and a visual point of view.”

Ceramic is very similar in colour to natural teeth and is easily adaptable in terms of its structure and shape, making it the ideal material for a natural-looking tooth replacement. Peter Meier sees it as a great advantage that the dentists and implantologists are able to work together in one location: “As dental technicians, we have the opportunity to get to know patients personally and ensure that restorations are optimally adapted to their requirements.”

Bringing it all together

The Dentaprime Clinic provides everything for patients under one roof: modern diagnostic techniques, dedicated staff and high-quality materials. Here, there’s nothing standing between you and an immaculate smile!