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LP – GA: Full Mouth Restoration (Copy)


Implant Supported Dentures are finally AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE!


We have the best solution for people who suffer from dentures or failing teeth!

We specialize in Full Mouth Restoration with implants (also known as All-on-4) and thus we are able to provide 70% cheaper prices than the average in the UK! Within one day we will replace your removable dentures with a permanent full set of teeth.

Check which of our affordable implant treatments is suitable for you, how much it costs, and more details about all the benefits you get with us by requesting a FREE Phone Consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page.

Your benefits as a Dentaprime patient:

  • Instant strong teeth instead of a shaky prosthesis.

  • Natural hold and appearance of real teeth. Without unpleasant palatal plates.

  • Experienced dentists and surgeons, using the most sophisticated dental technology.

  • Save up to 70% for your treatment and pay in small monthly instalments. 

Our patients’ main benefit is the affordable prices and the convenience of having the entire treatment and aftercare in London. You don’t have to go abroad to Hungary, Turkey or Poland anymore! You get everything you need at Dentaprime!

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Price Comparison

Perhaps you ask yourself:

“How can Dentaprime offer top quality dental treatment in London at lower prices than in Hungary?“

No, a magic stick is not the answer. It’s much simpler:

  • By highly specialized and efficient workflow in the field of implantology;

  • By taking advantage of the newest digital technologies;

  • By relying on an in-house high-tech dental lab;

  • By achieving economies of scale;

The purpose of Dentaprime is to open high-end implantology to the many, rather than the few. Thanks to Dentaprime everyone can afford full implant treatment. Just come to our London clinic for a full examination and diagnostic.

Full Mouth Restoration will change your life!

Listen to the stories of hundreds of real patients while they talk about their Dentaprime experience. People from all over the United Kingdom who were completely or partially toothless found an affordable dental solution with Dentaprime. Fixing your teeth in the UK is no longer a dream!



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