5 Things To Look For In a Dental Clinic

New dental prostheses, implants, minor dental surgery – all of these things must be carefully planned and even more carefully carried out. It’s especially important that specialised personnel are available to attend to each individual step of the treatment.

Dentists in Dentaprime

It becomes a little tricky when these specialists are required to work together on a suitable solution from different locations – for example, when casts and models are produced in a dental practice and the prosthesis is made by a dental technician in the Far East. It is better, simpler and more effective for the patient if all specialists can work on together from one location, enabling them to decide jointly about the type of solution that is best suited to an individual patient’s needs. Where better for this process to take place than a dental clinic?

We’ve compiled 5 reasons why you should opt to be treated in a dental clinic:

Communication With Patients

When all processes take place under one roof, communication with patients is simpler and more effective. Patients can discuss their individual needs and wishes directly with those responsible. Furthermore, the dental technician is personally able to determine the colour and structure needed to create an optimally adapted dental prosthesis.  The patient is actively involved in the planning stage to as great an extent as possible and is guaranteed to get the solution that’s best for them.

Communication Between Specialists

It’s not only the communication between patient and specialist that can be better, more simply and more effectively organised – it’s also far simpler for agreements among specialists to be reached. It’s not necessary for long letters to be written, or for in-depth telephone conversations to take place. Specialists in different areas (e.g. implantology and dental technology) have the opportunity to consult with each other directly – without cumbersome to and froing. They can discuss all steps of the treatment on site and consider all options as a team. This can often give rise to new ideas for adapting the dental prosthesis to the patient’s needs.

Time Effectiveness

If you choose to visit a dental clinic, the amount of time required to complete a particular treatment can be significantly compressed. For you as a patient, this means the best possible use of the time available.
Intermediary steps such as the sending of dental casts, the production of the dental prosthesis (at a different location) and and the subsequent adjustment of the prosthesis – which must also be carried out at a different location – are cut out. All treatment steps can be carried out in quick succession rather than being spread over a period of several weeks – the only limiting factors are the dentist’s free appointments and the time required for the dental prosthesis to be made.

Adjustment/ Correction

If the dental prosthesis does not fit perfectly or irritates the patient due to its positioning or feel, the dental technician must undertake additional adjustments, changes or corrections. If the dental technician is located elsewhere, this can prove a very time-consuming process.
Small corrections can be carried out at the practice by the dentist themselves – but what happens when the required adjustments are larger in scope? In the worst case scenario, the dental prosthesis must be sent back to the dental technician, who then – without knowing the patient – carries out the work. This process is very time intensive, both in terms of the time required to adjust the prosthesis and the time required to ship it back and forth.

In contrast, if the dental technician and dentist/implantologist are working under one roof, any necessary corrections can be carried out at the same location as the treatment. The dental technician can deal with the patient face-to-face, enabling the patient to be actively involved in each stage of a gradual, step-by-step adjustment process. This ensures that the prosthesis is not over-corrected and that an optimal fit is achieved.

Multiple Technologies Under One Roof

The coordination of specialists is not the only major advantage of attending a dental clinic – patients also benefit from the fact that a diverse range of technologies are available under one roof. 3-dimensional impressions and panoramic x-rays can be created; scanners capture the patient’s facial structure and ensure the perfect foundation for an optimally tailored dental prosthesis that is a good functional and aesthetic fit.
Diagnostics and dental technology are bound together on a technical level.

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