Modern Dental Techniques For a Radiant Smile

Attractiveness is relative – and in today’s world, it’s as essential for professional advancement as it is for our personal relationships.

It typically only takes us a fraction of a second to judge the attractiveness of the person in front of us. The process occurs on a subconscious level and according to criteria that depend both on our natural preferences and on how we have been raised. A person’s face is particularly important in any judgement about their attractiveness. While the eyes, lips and hair all playing a decisive role, the teeth are the most important feature of all. If they are discoloured, diseased or asymmetrical, the entire face will immediately be judged as less attractive.

The teeth are one of the few indicators for attractiveness that can be changed with the help of medicine (in this case, dental medicine). Diseased teeth can be treated and crowned, discoloured teeth can be lightened with the help of bleaching or veneer treatments and missing teeth can be replaced using dental prostheses.

Two real-life examples of this:

Case 1: Klarissa W.

At age 57, Klarissa W. lost her upper incisors in a domestic accident, leaving gaping holes in an otherwise very attractive line of teeth.

“I was desperate,” she confesses today. The teeth were completely knocked out, which meant there was no hope of restoring them with crowns. “My dentist recommended a bridge or a partial prosthesis.”

But the trained office clerk couldn’t bring herself to do it. Regardless of which treatment she had chosen, the healthy neighbouring teeth would have been negatively impacted. “With a partial prosthesis, it’s even possible that someone could catch a glimpse of the metal brackets. And I was so proud of my white teeth.” Klarissa began searching for alternatives and quickly found what she was looking for: implants.

“As I learned more about implants, it became clear to me that this was the only option. With implants, my teeth would stay healthy and the issue of the gaps would be resolved in a professional-looking way.” Klarissa beams as she recalls the story. After a little more research, she came across the Dentaprime Clinic.

“Since my husband and I were planning a holiday in Bulgaria, I called the hotline straight away and asked for an appointment,” she recalls.

Just a couple of weeks later, Klarissa sat on the treatment chair as the dentist inserted two implants. She received the dental prostheses on the same day.

The 57-year-old remains more than satisfied with her treatment. “I’d repeat the procedure without a doubt,” she says. “I can laugh, chew and talk without feeling ashamed of my gaps or worrying that someone can see my metal brackets.”

Implants helped her regain a radiant smile.

Case 2: Tobias K.

Missing or diseased teeth are not the reason that a person might feel dissatisfied with their smile. Usually, severe discolouration and small imperfections are enough to affect a person’s confidence – as in the case of 35-year-old Tobias K.

Ever since he could remember, Tobias had had a small gap between the two front incisors in his upper jaw (a situation known in dental jargon as “diastema”). Though it hadn’t bothered him much in his younger years, he’d been feeling unhappy with it for a while.

“It wasn’t just the gap that bothered me,” explains the lawyer. “For a long time, the teeth had been getting more yellow. It didn’t look nice, and it didn’t make a good impression on my clients.” This yellowing of the teeth was most likely attributable to his high caffeine and alcohol consumption. Bleaching wasn’t the answer – he’d tried it several times with no success.

After a little research online, Tobias discovered veneers: paper-thin ceramic bowls that are applied to the teeth.

“Because nothing had helped, I sought out a lot of advice,” Tobias says. “In the end, I decided on veneers – they gave me the chance to have more attractive teeth without undergoing a complicated procedure.”

But what makes it so simple? The answer is that only a thin layer of tooth material must be removed in order for the veneers to be attached. As well as solving the problem of discolouration, veneers can also be positioned in such a way that they provide a cosmetic correction for gaps.

“I was very excited when I finished the treatment,” beams the 35-year-old lawyer. “My teeth looked as good as new – perfect white and no more gaps”

A radiant smile no longer has to be a pipe dream. Thanks to the work of experienced dentists, implantologists and dental technicians, anyone can now have the smile they dream of!