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Challenges in the Dental Laboratory

As attractiveness and appearance are afforded greater importance than ever before, dental restorations are held up to ever higher aesthetic standards. This includes a perfect tailoring of the colour to ensure that the prosthesis blends in seamlessly with the existing teeth – whether the restoration is a single tooth or a full upper or lower jaw.
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Dentistry As A Substitute for Cosmetic Surgery?

Whether Botox or dermal Hyaluron filler – more and more people are ending up in the cosmetic surgeon’s chair with the aim of erasing the signs of time. To cater to the craze for youth and beauty, wrinkles are injected or smoothed using surgical measures.

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High-Quality Ceramic Dental Prostheses

Appearance is now among the most important criteria for patients when choosing the right dental prosthesis. It must be white and, where possible, it should not be evident that the prosthesis is replacement for a natural tooth. Inconspicuous and perfectly shaped is the order of the day! However, there are other factors to be taken into account: the right dental prosthesis must not only satisfy aesthetic requirements, but live up to certain functional expectations as well.

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Optimal Red-White Aesthetic Results For An Attractive Smile

It’s not just the health benefits of a potential dental treatment or restoration that are important to a patient, but how it will look afterwards as well.

If a patient has to go through the ordeal of having their natural teeth replaced, the least the dentist can do is to ensure that the result looks flawless. This doesn’t just depend on the whiteness of the teeth or are how they are structured, but also how they fit into the in the overall appearance of the face. One area to which particular attention must be paid is the so-called “red-white aesthetic”.

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How Do We Prepare for a Dental Implant?

Precise diagnostics and a thorough, in-depth consultation are important prerequisites for a successful implant procedure – each patient’s health situation is different and requires their treatment to be adapted accordingly. The treatment of older patients, in particular, requires special consideration, since any solution must be both functional and aesthetically attractive. This special consideration includes the identification of a natural-looking red-white balance for the patient’s age.

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